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Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes, often known as “Set-Up Boxes,” are very well-liked containers frequently connected to high-end goods. These cartons maybe four times as thick as the typical folding carton. In addition, the packaging business won’t print directly on the boxes. They’ll first wrap the crates in paper instead. You can choose a rich or plain style for this paper.

The lid and base of this box are for packaging (or top and bottom). As the name implies, stiff packaging is extremely rigid and durable. High-end electronics, beauty products, and pricey jewelry items all look better in these wonderful boxes.

Rigid Or Setup Boxes: What Are They?

A rigid box is a strong paper-based box that is covered in attractive specialty paper. Which is made of high-thickness (typically 2-3mm) chipboard.

They are also frequently referred to as luxury packaging, gift boxes, and set-up boxes.

A high-end packaging choice that is frequently utilized for custom rigid boxes;

  • Game boards
  • luxury goods, such as jewelry
  • Gifts

Additionally, rigid packaging has a high-end feel that improves the unboxing experience for your customers. gives you additional chances to build a compelling brand story.

Through printing and finishing, custom printed rigid boxes provide numerous branding opportunities, such;

  • A hot stamp
  • Embossing/debossing
  • Coatings
  • Aesthetic components

Rigid Packaging Types

Partial-finish and full-finish boxes are the two distinct types of rigid packaging boxes.

Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes

Partial completion

A type of rigid packaging known as the partial finish has only a partially finished chipboard and wrapping.

The chipboard inside the box is visible and raw, indicating that it is not finished. The wrapping is only used to cover the box’s exterior surfaces.

The kraft or grey chipboard material is left exposed while making the partial finish rigid. since they are produced from a single piece of chipboard with perforated crease lines for folding.

Due to the fact that less material is required during the construction phase. partially finished boxes can be produced faster.

Fully Complete

With a full finish, the rigid box is completely wrapped, leaving no chipboard exposed. Chipboard that is around 2-3 mm thicker is also used. For each side of the box, the inside chipboard is divided into pieces. depending on the requirements, it can be laminated with different finishing options.

In addition, full-finish boxes feature a second layer of wrapping. that can be either printed or white (the standard).

Rigid Box Designs

These are the different designs of rigid boxes

Packaging Tubes

Rigid tubes, also known as rolled-edge tube packaging. Which are distinctive and environmentally friendly paper packaging choices for people. who want to stand out and be different. A rigid box with no corners, a cylindrical shape. typically a telescoping or shoulder-neck opening is known as rigid tube packaging. The Pringles can is the most widely recognized instance of a rigid tube. Smaller items like drinks, cosmetics, stationery, and accessories are often packaged in rigid tubes because they are easy to open.

Magnetic Fasteners

When two magnets in stiff boxes with magnetic closures lock together to form a strong seal.the pleasurable “snap” that results can be strangely addictive.

Rigid boxes with magnetic closures contain two magnets that lock together to tightly seal the box shut. Since boxes may be used as ideal storage units for jewelry, makeup, and just about anything else. customers will be very reluctant to throw these boxes away due to their durable and solid design, making it a sustainable choice (depending on the size of the box).

Rigid Telescoping Boxes

As rigid packaging with the lid protruding vertically from the base, telescope rigid boxes are also known as top-load boxes. 2-piece rigid boxes, or lid and tray rigid packaging. Even though the iPhone box and the Monopoly game box look and feel very differently. This is your typical Monopoly game box opening.

Rigid Drawer Style Boxes

Opening a drawer, especially one that is the size of a small box and contains a new item. can be rewarding. Since they open much like matchboxes, wholesale rigid boxes in the drawer design are often referred to as slipcase, slide, or match rigid boxes.

Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes

Additional Materials For Packaging

When creating stiff packaging, supplemental elements like box inserts are quite popular. When using a hard box, packaging inserts are strongly advised if you want to have the best unboxing experience possible.

Your product has a bespoke packaging insert built only for it that keeps. It is in place for an improved presentation and provides high levels of shock protection, even against drops and severe handling. Certain products, usually more uncommon, can be either round or rectangular and properly fit inside a box.

A Conclusion

There are unquestionably many compelling reasons for your brand to select and utilize rigid boxes as packaging. Aside from the query “what are rigid boxes?” we are fully aware of the importance of this box. in helping you sell your goods.

So, if you’re eager to acquire the finest rigid box printing, you’re on the ideal track. You can modify these boxes to suit your needs and expectations with our help of us. Make a call to us!

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