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What is Videotape Games, Serious Games, Gamification?

Digital Game keys

Although serious Digital Game keys aren’t specifically mentioned in the training programs of Quebec seminaries when ICTs are presented. It should be noted that serious games can still be considered as ICTs.

According to the OECD, videotape games, whether serious or marketable, are ICTs in the same way as computer programs, audio and visual media and other websites. We hear about the gamification of tutoring or gamification in English; is it a reverse for serious games? Then we will see some distinctions. 

 What distinguishes videotape games from serious games 

 The very term “digital game keys” is kindly On the one hand, there’s the entertaining, frivolous aspect of “ pretending ”; on the other hand, austerity and the demand of “ for real ”. Serious play, make no mistake, should not be synonymous with educational play, because all games have educational eventuality; we will deal with it in the coming chapter. It isn’t because we add the term” Digital Game keys that it allows literacy. Just as one can learn by playing a marketable videotape game. It’s possible to learn nothing by playing a serious game. 

The real distinction between serious games and videotape games lies in the intention behind the objects of the game. In the case of serious games, there’s an educational intention. In other words, in the veritably design of the serious game. The end is to lead the stoner to develop new chops. Exercise certain know- style, encourage them to consider new perspectives, etc. In short, the points of these games are frequently veritably analogous to those pursued in class and the content analogous to that presented in the traininengg attendants. It’s in this sense that they’re particularly intriguing, targeting content well while promoting agreement. In the case of marketable videotape games, we concentrate much more on the experience lived by the player. Obviously, there will still be learning achieved, but these won’t inescapably be compatible with those of the academy. For illustration, the Mario Bros player learns fairly snappily that if he does not accelerate enough before jumping, his character will not be suitable to get to the other side of the notch. still. This Digital Game keys can veritably well serve as an preface to the generalities of acceleration and kinetic energy in drugs with a tutoring that goes in this direction. A marketable videotape game can allow literacy with good support, indeed if the contents aren’t at the heart of the game’s design. We’ll deal with possibilities other than those related to serious games in a after chapter. Note that in this brochure, we use the term digital game to relate to both marketable videotape games and serious games.


maybe you have formerly heard of gamification of education. The term gamification isn’t unique to the field of education; in fact, it comes from the field of marketing and designates sense aimed at perfecting the consumer experience. fidelity cards, point systems and the currency of a business are principles of gamification in the marketing sense that aim to promote consumption in a given place. When it comes to the field of education, we could say that gamification is the addition of spoortful mechanics to an educational setting in order to make it more seductive.

Although gamification is analogous to the emulation system( point system, prices, consequences, etc.). It isn’t to be confused with the simple emulation system. Which is much near to its namesake in the marketing world. Digital Game keys is the integration into tutoring of different postures( rules, places, conduct ,etc.). Vestiges( point system, objects used in the game, videotape games, etc.). Aimed at adding a spoortful touch to a situation that isn’t inescapably so at the launch. 

 To give a concrete illustration. A schoolteacher who would use a board game similar as a quiz to assess the knowledge of his scholars. Would emplace the principles of gamification. Because he’d integrate rules and conduct in the form of a game into a environment. That doesn’t isn’t inescapably a game at the launch. So we can integrate gamification principles without inescapably using technology.

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