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What Is The Best Way To Maintain Moissanite Diamond?

How To Keep Your Moissanite Diamond Sparkling?

Moissanite diamond jewelry, if kept clean and handled with care, can last forever. However, it will require maintenance to keep it as sparkly as the day you purchased it. With these tips, you able to keep your moissanite jewelry looking its best no matter how long you have it!

Don’t Wear Them In The Shower.

Moissanite engagement rings are harder than most other gemstones. But that doesn’t mean they take everything a busy day will throw at them. Some people think that because they man-made they’re immune to damage. But, like with any kind of jewelry, you have to be careful. Avoid wearing your moissanite engagement ring in extreme weather (think: it shouldn’t go on when your hands are wet). Don’t wear it in a hot shower or leave it on while swimming. Protecting your investment means keeping it out of harm’s way as much as possible.

You might want to let those diamond droplets know not just who their partner is, but how lucky they are too! Don’t expose them to chemicals: If you do wear your moissanite engagement ring during a cleaning session, avoid exposing it to chemicals. Washing dishes, for example, can cause your ring to tarnish if there are harsh chemicals involved. Even something like shampoo has trace amounts of sulfates that could cause some discolouration over time if they come into contact with your ring. When washing off makeup or sunscreen residue after a long day outside is necessary, use warm water and mild soap instead of harsher chemicals—you should also consider using cotton gloves so you don’t transfer oil from your fingers onto the stones. Don’t store them near heat sources: Moissanite diamonds may look tough enough for anything life throws at them, but heat can still be an issue over time.

Store Them In The Box They Came In.

Like most people who invest in high-quality diamonds, you may have purchased your moissanite engagement rings with a protective box. There’s a reason for that: Moissanite is vulnerable to damage and scratching. Take good care of your moissanite diamond jewelry by storing it in its box when you’re not wearing it. Don’t forget to check your ring regularly for any signs of wear or damage, too. (If you ever notice scratches or chips on your moissanite engagement ring, contact a jeweler immediately.)

Name brands are better than generic ones: If you want your moissanite diamond jewelry to last as long as possible, stick with name brands like Charles & Colvard® and James Allen®. Generic versions aren’t held to such strict standards and might contain lower quality stones—which means they’ll scratch more easily over time.

Don’t Leave Them In Your Jewelry Box.

Whether it’s a moissanite diamond jewelry piece or a vintage family heirloom, wear your jewelry often. Take off that necklace and put it on again before bedtime! Not only will you enjoy your pieces more often (always good for your heart), but frequent wear prevents dust from building up. Dust can dull stone brightness, so regular wear helps ensure diamonds remain gleaming for years and years. After all, once you take off that necklace at night and put it back in its box, who knows when it will see daylight again?

Daily wear prevents dulling of gemstones in moissanite engagement rings and other high-quality jewelry pieces, such as turquoise stud earrings or pearl chokers. Wearing them every day keeps them looking their best. If you tend to get caught up in life’s whirlwind, remember that each day has 24 hours—and each hour 60 minutes—and set aside 10 minutes every morning or evening for a quick checkup. That way, your sparklers stay dazzling!

Even with daily wear, we recommend taking any moissanite diamond jewelry item to a jeweler once per year for professional cleaning and inspection. That way they know exactly what they are dealing with should anything go wrong down the road.

Polish Them Regularly.

Since moissanite diamonds are harder than traditional diamonds, they’re not as susceptible to scratches and other everyday damage. However, due to their inherent brightness and overall beauty, you should still clean them regularly. Use a polishing cloth (like You Save) to gently buff away dirt and any daily imperfections. For proper maintenance of your moissanite diamond jewelry, you can do it yourself once or twice a week for special occasions. Take extra care if you choose a larger stone for your moissanite engagement rings. The stone may also require more frequent cleaning if you wear it often. Contact us if you have any questions!

To polish your moissanite diamond jewelry, simply use light circular motions with a polishing cloth on each part of your piece. If you own an ultrasonic cleaner, such as You Save Cleaner, that is one of best ways to maintain the shine on all parts of your moissanite diamond jewelry including bands and settings. After washing, apply a few drops of our recommended Moissssanit Concentrate onto a cotton pad and wipe down each stone with gentle pressure. A buffer from our Buffing Kit works great too! Store them separately in an ultrasonic cleaner while they not worn so that they stay bright and shiny between wearings.

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