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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing: A Simple Guide

Digital marketing: What Is It? An Easy Definition 

Using a computer, iPad, or app to target potential customers counts as digital marketing if you’re using any internet marketing techniques at all. You probably encounter digital marketing every time you open your Instagram account if you follow businesses or influencers. The same holds when you dig deep into Google search results to look for anything from a new restaurant to where to locate online digital marketing courses (ahem.).  

Traditional marketing as opposed to digital marketing 

Identifying a target audience and their requirements, matching the audience with items that meet those needs, and persuading the audience to make a purchase are the core objectives of both traditional and digital marketing. Digital marketing, on the other hand, uses various techniques of interaction than conventional marketing to connect with clients in a virtual environment. Listed below are some of the main variations: 


  • Reaching out to locally focused audiences, such as buying print or broadcast advertising that runs in certain regions, is a part of traditional marketing. 
  • creating tangible marketing products, such as flyers, catalogs, and brochures. 
  • relying on conventional distribution channels, such as voice sales calls, television, newspaper, magazine, and radio ads, as well as mailed advertisements. 
  • Events for in-person marketing—creating a presence for your business at seminars, conferences, and other gatherings. 


Customizing an audience from a global population – Because digital audiences can be reached from any location with an internet connection, digital marketers may more precisely target their audiences depending on the demographics that work best for their campaigns (not only region but also age, gender, personal preferences, etc).  

Digital marketers can interact with their audience in a variety of places, such as the comment section of a website, social network accounts, and interactive quizzes. This is distinct from traditional marketing, which is more passive (like a television viewer watching an advertisement).  

They can provide their audience with a range of delivery channels (including YouTube videos, Instagram posts, blog articles, and promotional emails) by using dynamic online content, and the audience can then interact with the channels that most interest them. Based on audience demands and preferences, different distribution methods are used to achieve this. 

The landscape of marketing itself has transformed as a result of this epidemic in 2020 (BAW, 2022). Digital marketers offer online events like webinars, product demonstrations, and training, much like conferences and conventions do in traditional marketing. These events are frequently available “live” or on-demand after the fact (Scott Morris, 2021).

What Qualifications Are Necessary for Digital Marketing? 

While traditional marketing strategies and campaigns continue to make up a sizeable portion of the overall marketing sector, the continual development and growth of digital media have made it necessary to develop digital-specific strategies for online marketing. These solutions also come with particular digital marketing techniques and tactics. 


Making sure your online content appears when people search for it online is known as search engine optimization or SEO in the realm of digital marketing. 

You know how when you type a question into Google, Yahoo, or Bing, such as “from where to get Phd Dissertation Proposal Help?” you click on the first several items that appear at the top of the page? When someone searches for themes related to your product or service, you want it to occur, and SEO is the means to make that happen. 

Any online content (the text of sales pages, blog posts, product descriptions, etc.) as well as a site’s architecture (the “under the hood” code and site changes that might boost search engine indexing and ranking) can be optimized using SEO best practices. Working as an SEO specialist in the field of digital marketing might be its specialty or SEO expertise can be combined with content marketing (see below).  SEO expertise includes: 

Using tools – like Ahrefs and Moz, which open in new tabs, you may detect particular search engine phrases (or “Google searches”), which are what people use to find your website. 

Web Traffic Analysis

It is the process of examining the volume and patterns of visitors to your website using software like Google Analytics (opens in a new tab) and learning how to use that information to guide and evaluate your SEO strategies. 

Knowing the Ranking Strategy

Use tools like Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines to create efficient strategies for enhancing your site’s ranks. Once more, this entails both upgrading your site’s architecture and producing content that is optimized for search engines. Working with web developers on issues like website loading times, out-of-date or broken links to URLs (web addresses), and HTML tag optimization can help with architecture improvements (tags that identify HTML documents for visiting web browsers).  

Studying guides and tutorials like the aforementioned Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines and Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO are excellent places to start when learning about SEO.


resource for online content promotion According to The Content Marketing Institute (opens in a new tab), content marketing is a technique used in marketing that entails producing and disseminating valuable, pertinent, and consistent content to draw in and acquire a clearly defined audience and to encourage profitable customer behavior. 

Digital marketers have a unique opportunity thanks to online platforms to regularly produce and provide this kind of content to their audience (and with relatively low production costs).  An SEO-optimized blog entry or product page like Dissertation Service Uk can be put on a corporate website to attract relevant viewers via a Google search instead of paying a premium for traditional airtime and advertising. 

Typical elements of digital marketing material are: 

Blog Posts

Articles that enable you to pinpoint the issues (or “pain points”) that your audience is experiencing and offer solutions. 

Guides and eBooks

longer-form sites that let you go deeper on blog subjects. 

Video content

Videos that address subjects important to your audience are frequently posted on websites like YouTube and can be placed on your website. 


audio material that your viewers can download from your website. 

Marketing Emails

direct mailings of newsletters and product announcements to prospective buyers. 


Social media is no longer simply for sharing cat memes and having embarrassing online confrontations with family members. The fact is that social media is ALSO a crucial foundation for any digital marketing plan, even though those types of social media staples might not be going away anytime soon. 

A strong social media presence gives audience members another option to interact with your brand outside of your company website, which is in line with the digital marketing principle of channel variety. By directing readers of linked content from social media platforms to your blog or website, social media may also be used to bring audience members to you directly. 


Scott Morris (2021). Tech 101: What Is Digital Marketing? https://skillcrush.com/blog/what-is-digital-marketing/ 

BAW (2022). The Impact of E-Learning on digital marketing in 2020. https://bestassignmentwriter.co.uk/blog/impact-of-e-learning/

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