Western Saddles: 7 Signs of Poor Fit

With a western saddles for sale reasonable quality seat and an assortment of seat cushions, you ought to have the option to ride many ponies of a similar actual sort with a solitary seat. Such a seat ought to serenely clear a pony’s shrinks, consider free development of the shoulders, be the legitimate length and shape for its back, and be even to give great weight dispersion. That is appropriate seat fit. In the event that you ride ponies of various varieties or altogether various sizes, you’ll have to put resources into different seats.

Puzzling over


Puzzling parts of a western saddle over whether your seat accommodates your pony? The following are 7 expected indications of an ineffectively fitting seat. Assuming that you’re seeing any of these signs with your pony, you ought to look again at how your seat fits.

1. White hairs.

White hairs appearing in the seat region can be an indication of unfortunate fit. Over the long haul pressure focuses can make the hairs free shade.

2. Dry spots.

White hairs appearing in the seat region can be an indication of unfortunate fit.

3. Injuries or nerves

In the seat region, bruises and irks can be an indication of a few issues: an ineffectively fitting seat, an inadequately changed seat, or low quality snaps.

4. Rolling

or shaking from one side to another. A seat that rolls aside or rocks from one side to another can be either an indication of unfortunate fit or an indication of a fair in the rider saddle.

5. Tipping

up toward the rear. Tipping is by and large a straight forward indication of an inadequately fitting seat and is typically cause by saddle tree bars with some unacceptable rocker and contort (points) to fit the rear of the pony.

6. Ruined

development by the pony. Limited horse development is a more troublesome sign to identify and for the most part takes a further developed rider to see the distinction in the manner a pony moves under various seats. A seat that confines a pony’s shoulders will frequently influence how openly it moves out.

7. General testiness

under saddle. Many seat issues are normally misdiagnosed as conduct or disposition issues. Come at the situation from your pony’s perspective. How cheerful would you say you are the point at which you’re wearing shoes that would one say one are size excessively little?

Saddle fit is certainly not a careful science. It takes an insightful to decide if you throw a tantrum. These 7 Signs of a Poor Fit are a decent initial phase in building your seat fit wise.


A great Roping Saddle will be functional as well as attractive. It should fit both the horse and the rider comfortably, and be strong enough to withstand the pressures of roping. While practicality is still the most important factor when choosing a roping saddle, fancy versions are becoming increasingly popular at ropings. Most saddle companies offer these fanciful options and some even offer limited editions.

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