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VASTU FOR HOME HUNTING – how to select a new home!

In today’s world, owning a house from the ground up can be difficult. Rather, to accommodate their hectic schedules as well as their budgets, many people are choosing finished flats. And anyway, owning an apartment is less troublesome in terms of both budgetary constraints when compared to buying a house. As well as with price and schedule, Vastu is another important factor to consider whenever buying a new home. It comprises a collection of ideas that a great number of people believe in and follow. If you’re thinking about buying a fully prepared apartment, read the following section, which provides a comprehensive summary of important Vastu suggestions to consider before buying a home:

The House’s Direction

The entryway of a house, as per Vastu shastra, is not just for humans but also for energy. The main door allows energy to flow in and out. The doorway should be located towards the north, east, or northeast directions. Before you buy a new house, carefully check this. If you acquire a pre-built house, you can renovate it to change the entry orientation.

How can the rooms be directed?

Were you aware that each room has to be designed as per home Vastu in a precise direction? The purpose of measuring these vast guidelines is to buy your home. Tell us something about certain rooms in particular:

  • Kitchenette: The kitchen must ideally be located in the house’s southeast corner. Avoid purchase a house with a kitchen constructed in the position of the north.
  • Main bedroom: The bedroom must be constructed in the orientation of the southwest. Not even in the southeast, as the element of fire governs that orientation.
  • Children’s room: In your home, your children’s room should face southwest. For peace of mind, make sure your children sleep with their heads facing south or east.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom should be positioned in the west or northwest direction, according to home Vastu. Consider buying a house with toilets built in different directions when there are no remedies to counteract the impacts of this dosha.

What is it about morphologies?

Professionals in Vastu shastra also provide instructions for the design of your rooms. Even though circular rooms appear to be more comfortable and stylish, they are not in accordance with house Vastu. Make absolutely sure your rooms are square or rectangle in shape and have straight lines.

What is the best location for the overhead water tank?

The position of the overhead water tank is one of the most significant Vastu tips for the home. The rooftop tank should be placed in the west or southwest corner of the house. If you’re going to put it in the southwest, keep in mind it’s two feet just above the uppermost slab.

Really shouldn’t forget about the ventilation.

According to Vastu shastra, proper ventilation and adequate sunlight are crucial aspects. These infuse the home with wonderful energy. They also make it easier for money to pour in. There are numerous reasons to ensure that your new home is properly ventilated. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, check out these 6 Vastu-Friendly Balcony Tips.

Keep an eye on the septic tank

The sewage from the bathroom and kitchen is stored in a septic tank until it is rinsed out. As a result, Vastu experts contend it is a negative space. A septic tank, if installed poorly, might have negative consequences for the people living in the house. The sewage system should only be put in the northwest orientation at residence, according to Vastu Shastra. At all costs, make sure it’s doesn’t come into contact with the central courtyard.

Experts believe confident if you’re using these suggestions to construct your permanent place, it will be filled with wonderful energy. As remedial action is almost always possible, it is better to follow particular procedures during the building project.

Benefits –

Here we will see what is the effect of Vastu on our life or home-

Power Harmonization:

 The same concepts are employed to balance or harmonize the energies from the cosmos, the sun, moon, earth, light, and wind, because Vastu compliant dwellings are created with natural components in mind.

Brings Happiness:

When you return home following a tough day at work, the appropriate Vastu settings might help you unwind. An open window facing east is an excellent alternative for letting a cool breeze into your home during the summer and keeping you warm during the winter.

Improve Your Self-Awareness:

When you clear away the clutter in your head, you make room for positive thoughts and become more self-aware. You have a greater grasp of who you are and what you require. As a result, you’ll be able to create more harmonious relationships.

Internal Liberty:

It is thought that the northeast corner of your home has more positive energy than the other corners. As a result, practicing meditation or other spiritual pursuits in this part of the house is thought to be better for your physical and emotional health.

Cohesive Relationships:

Decluttering the debris in and around your home is a basic requirement of a Vastu-compliant household. When you clean your home, you allow positive energies to flow into it, which is thought to be a good omen for developing healthy relationships.

Economic Improvements:

When these ideas are applied correctly, they have the ability to improve your economic state. 

Minimize Deficits:

Vastu principles implementation is both an art and a spiritual instruction in itself though. One of the key advantages of living in Vastu-compliant homes is that anticipated losses can be prevented to some measure.

Simplicity use And:

Many individuals may feel drowsy as soon as they get up in the morning, but this approach not only offers the best use of resources, but it also makes you feel energized when you wake up, which helps you get over a drowsy sensation.

Thought, Mind, and Spiritual Rejuvenation:

Vastu complying homes, by integrating the five aspects, guarantee to create a living area free of rubbish and other clutter, which may considerably help you rejuvenate your health, soul, and spirituality. A happy, healthy, and wealthy household requires a light and clean environment.

Regardless if you choose a Vastu-compliant residence, it really is your job to keep your home clean and sanitary and to prevent negative conversations in order for the Vastu concepts to function effectively.

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