Various processes of Indian corporate firms where lawyers are required

Indian corporate lawyer

Starting a business venture, whether domestic or global, requires compliance to the relevant Company Law. Establishing the office, registering the business, hiring employees and partnering with vendors – all these processes require paperwork done as per legal guidelines.

Indian corporate lawyer can help you carry out the usual processes and also handle unprecedented situations like insolvency, complaint or suit from an unsatisfied employee, vendor or customer, etc.

Listed here are the processes that occur in business cycles usually and need the intervention of Indian corporate lawyer.

  • Establishment of the firm

The firm is started at a chosen location, which may be even a home. But, functionally it comes into existence when it is registered with the company registrar. The lawyer can provide you with the complete establishment deed and also perform the registration filing process on your behalf. 

If any aspect like brand name, logo, etc. is challenged due to non-compliance to Intellectual Property Act, the lawyers can pursue the case further.

  • Handling litigation 

Litigation is the process of fighting or defending a case as per the law that dictates civil matters. The failure to adherence to the terms of contract is the most common reason for litigation. 

If the company fails to repay the debt due to losses, it can take help of insolvency lawyers in Mumbai to announce bankruptcy and settle repayments. 

NCLT courts are where the cases of insolvency are heard. The insolvency lawyers in Mumbai take charge of processes and represent you in the court when needed. 

The company may need to take legal action against defaulting borrowers, or buyers, or competitors, etc. when their moves affect the business adversely. Lawyers help send notices, get hearing dates, present your side to the court and do the paperwork involved.

  • Providing advice on expansion, consolidation, reorganization etc.

The businesses that aim at expanding their venture to other cities or countries need to follow the Law of the target destination. Business lawyers can provide you the complete guideline needed for these strategic moves. 

Establishing businesses to new location requires having property on lease, the legal documentation for this can be entrusted to lawyers. Buying new land, settling rental issues, etc. are the situations that arise during expansion that require legal intervention.

On consolidating the business, the processes like delisting the company, settling all payables and selling off the assets or reassignment of those to other projects require paperwork and legal advice. The corporate lawyers for Indian companies can take charge of these processes and supervise their seamless disposition.

To sum up,

Taking legal help for settling business matters is advisable as little mistakes in the paperwork or dealings may cost you heavily. The legal help allows you to have an undivided focus on strategic planning. Also, since you may not be a legal expert, taking help allows you to maintain a responsible image.

So, when you get stuck anywhere during the business establishment, development or consolidation process, take legal help of the corporate lawyers and meet the process requirements effortlessly.

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