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Types of Wood for Fences

Fencing Company Dundee, When installing a wood fence, you need to consider the type of wood. Some types of wood are better suited for certain applications than others. For example, Red Cedar is great for fencing because of its ability to withstand changes in moisture and temperature. While other woods may crack or warp under such conditions, Red Cedar will not show any such signs.


If you want a fence that can withstand heavy winds, you should consider purchasing a redwood wood fence. It is more durable than cedar and will last longer. Redwood wood also has a higher Janka hardness rating than cedar. Also, redwood contains more protective oils than cedar.

There are two common types of redwood fences: board-on-board and panel-style. Board-on-board fencing is aesthetically pleasing and offers good privacy and wind protection. A panel-style fence provides a solid barrier, but offers limited design options. However, you can add variety to the fence by alternating panels. A professional fence contractor can help you choose the redwood that’s right for your project. There are several grades of redwood, each suited to a particular function.

The Con Heart type of redwood comes from the center of a redwood log, and is more expensive than Con Common. It has fewer knots and a richer color. It is also more resistant to rot and pests. This wood is easier to work with than other types of redwood, and it can last for many years.

Fencing Company Dundee


To maintain your redwood fence’s beauty, be sure to keep up with its maintenance. It is important to avoid over-sanding the wood to maintain its natural color. Fencing Company Dundee, It will eventually weather to a grayish patina. It is still an acceptable look, but if you’re hoping for a vibrant red color, it’s best to have it treated.

Redwood is a great choice for fencing because it is naturally resistant to decay and rot. It also adds a beautiful look to your property. It is easy to nail and can be a low-cost alternative to a more expensive metal fence. It’s also one of the strongest and most durable wood fences.

If you’re building a fence for your property, you’ll need to get a building permit. A building permit is usually around $70-$400. You will also need to have a land survey performed to establish your property lines. A land survey can cost up to $575. You may need to do some prep work before installing the fence, such as grading, filling, and excavating. Depending on the site conditions, this work can add an additional $1,000 to the cost.


A pinewood fence is an excellent option for a home’s exterior. Its soft texture and light color make it easy to work with. This material is also naturally shock resistant. Most varieties of pinewood have a creamy white color, but there are also varieties that have a yellowish tone. Fencing Company Dundee, The light color makes it easier to stain and paint. One coat is usually enough to get the desired finish. Despite its light color, pinewood also has distinct grain patterns and darker knots that give it a distinct appearance.

Wooden fence prices vary based on the type of wood used. The Spruce offers a helpful breakdown of the pros and cons of each type. In addition, Angi has some useful information on price points for each type of wood. It’s important to understand how much each type of wood will cost before making the final decision.

Metal Fencing Dundee

A pinewood fence is generally more affordable than a cedar wood fence. This is due to the fact that pine trees grow rapidly and replace older trees quickly. Additionally, pinewood fences can last for up to 15 years if cared for properly. However, it is important to consider the long-term cost of maintenance when choosing a fence.

Another type of fence material is aluminum. This material is extremely strong and will not break under rough weather conditions. Additionally, it won’t rust or corrode. Fencing Company Dundee, This makes it easy to maintain. It can be repaired by sanding and painting, and it is eco-friendly. And, since aluminum doesn’t rust, it is an excellent option for environmentally conscious homeowners.

A cedar fence is an attractive option, but it isn’t as strong as a pine fence. Cedar is a hardwood, but is known to be more resistant to decay. Its strength is increased by a protective coating, while pine is more susceptible to warping and buckling. It’s also more affordable than cedar, and both types can be stained.


Cypress wood is a beautiful choice for a fence, and it also boasts some of the best weather-resistant qualities of any wood. This magnificent material is also rot-resistant and contains cypretine, a naturally occurring compound that prevents insects from attacking it. As a result, cypress wood fences are generally stronger and last for much longer than other types of wood.

While cypress is durable, its odor may be a problem for some people. Cypress has a strong, pungent smell that can irritate the nose and cause other respiratory irritation. Despite this drawback, cypress wood fences are a beautiful and long-lasting wood fencing option. However, cypress trees are not widely available, and the trees can be expensive to purchase and transport.

While cypress is a beautiful and durable choice, you can also choose to install a pine fence instead. Pine is less expensive than cypress and has a more natural look. Also, pine pickets have a reddish brown colour, which improves the visual appeal of your fence. Pine is also good for privacy fences because it can be planted with privacy plants.

Fencing Suppliers Dundee

Another great choice for a fence is spruce. Fencing Company Dundee, This wood is versatile and comes in many different species. Its light color makes it easy to paint and makes it appear more beautiful. Once painted, spruce wood will fade to a dark grey color, which is more sophisticated in tone.

You can choose to have a wooden or metal fence. You can choose from a variety of styles, as well as different styles of gates. Make sure to ask a fence expert about your options so that you can get the best wood fence for your needs. Metal fencing Dundee, These experts will be glad to answer any questions you have about your new fence.

While pinewood has a lighter color than cedar, it is also easier to work with. Its smooth texture makes it easier to apply stain or paint. It can often be painted with one coat.


When you decide to install a Fir wood fence, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to style. Firs are available in a wide range of colors and have a beautiful natural grain pattern. They’re also flexible and lightweight, and they don’t warp or twist. If you’re looking for a fence that will last for many years, consider this wood type.

There are two grades of fir wood. The heartwood is the hardest and typically a brownish-red color. It’s resistant to rot and insects, and it can be stained with any type of finish. Fencing Company Dundee, The heartwood is typically the most expensive, and you may want to choose the outer wood if you’re not able to afford it.

Fir is the ideal wood choice for a fence, as it is durable. The wood is naturally resistant to decay and can withstand heavy loads. It can also be treated with a protective finish to prevent insects from penetrating the wood. However, be careful to choose a seasoned wood fir to avoid insect infestation.

Wood Fencing Dundee

When choosing a wood type, make sure to research the wood’s dimensional stability. Redwood and Western red cedar are more durable than pressure-treated wood. However, pressure-treated wood can expand and contract and may not be as stable as other types. Furthermore, it will change color after installation.

Western red cedar is another choice that is cheaper than redwood. It is also known for its beautiful scent and sturdy quality. Cedar fences tend to attract the good elements of a community. Fencing Company Dundee, Although cedar is a heavy wood, its durability can make it worth the additional expense. Also, cedar is less susceptible to rotting than other wood types.



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