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Top 7 Metal Handicrafts – Best Famous Metal Products of India

Since the beginning of time, Indian handicrafts have been admired and revered globally and have astounded everyone. India is unquestionably a true blue shopper’s paradise thanks to its rich cultural background, which is represented in the intricateness of its handicrafts along with metal wall decor

Similar to numerous languages, metalworking also developed its own language in this varied nation. Each artisan group contributed its own special touch to these earthen materials, from the Tamtas and Thateras of North India to the folk metal artists of Odisha, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra, and Tamil Nadu who used the lost wax method of metal casting.

Metal (brass, bidri) handicrafts have thrived and grown so successfully throughout the years since it is recognized that they are durable and long-lasting. The majority of the ancient metalworking methods are still in use in the towns of Rajasthan, Bidar, Pembarthi, and Kamrup. Making metal goods is a difficult process that takes a lot of expertise and endurance. The term “Kansaris” refers to these brass handcraft workers.

Below are the Top 7 Metal Handicrafts Products

The metal wall art teaches metalworking techniques employing gold, silver, copper, brass, and zinc. Bell India has a long history of producing metal crafts. As a result, the metal craft is a very successful industry throughout India. Additionally, it comes in a number of varieties, which increases demand both domestically and internationally. The following are some examples of old-fashioned traditional metal crafts:

We need to take a quick look at the many categories of metal crafts before moving on. Working with metals also entails incorporating other materials into the process. A glass substance is fused with metal at high temperatures in the process of enameling, for instance. Iron is worked into sculptures, weapons, gates, and other items by blacksmiths. A tinsmith forges metal into tools, whereas a silversmith forges exquisite objects from silver. A goldsmith uses gold to make costly designs and things, as opposed to a coppersmith who works with copper and brass. Metal has many applications. But when it comes to metal arts, India has a few specific regions that are well-known for their local metal crafts.

1. Brass

Brass handicraft production is mostly concentrated in Rajasthan. They have windows and doors with ancient and distinctive patterns, tables with cast iron jaalis, seats, sideboards, swings, and even dressers, which are occasionally fretted with copper and brass sheets for ornamentation.

Brass has been utilized widely in many Indian homes up to this point, including creeping Krishna, Lord Ganesha’s image in various poses, vases, table tops, perforated lamps, ornament boxes, hukkas, toys, wine glasses, plates, fruit bowls, and many more.

2. Bidri

The word “bidriware” comes from Bidar, which is the center for the production of these distinctive metal handicrafts that emerged around the 14th century. Inlaid with thin sheets of pure silver, this metal is an alloy of blackened copper and zinc. This makes it one of the most significant exports of south Indian handicrafts, and it is highly valued as a sign of affluence in many locations throughout the world. Metal is used to make a wide variety of items, including vases, bangles, boxes, statues, masks, buttons, and many more. Inlays of diverse foliage, flowers, human figures, geometric patterns, and stylized poppies are customary.

3. Pembarthi

A little town in the state of Telangana called Pembarthi is well known for producing exceedingly high-quality sheet metal artwork. When the Kakatiyas ruled India, they employed sheet metal art to ornament their temples, which led to the development of this kind of brasswork.

4. Dhokra

Dhokra is a non-ferrous metal casting made with the lost-wax casting method, which has been used in India for over 4,000 years. Horses, elephants, measuring bowls, and religious imagery are among the simple and traditional themes that distinguish the work of dhokra artists. These items are highly prized.

5. Kamrupi

Products made of brass and bell metal that Kamrupi makes are renowned nationwide for their superb design and practicality. Water pots, plates, bowls, and cymbals are a few of the key products made by this sector. One may see an incredibly extensive collection of objects made of gold, silver, and copper in the State Museum in Guwahati.

6. Moradabad

A variety of brass household goods are famous in the Uttar Pradesh city of Moradabad. Additionally, the pieces are heavily embellished with natural patterns. In the same vein, copper and brass are used to make domestic objects and cast statues of gods in Varanasi.

7. Jaipur Metal Craft

Rajasthan’s headquarters for brass engravings and lacquering is Jaipur. The shiny surface of the pots, plates, boxes, etc., is embossed with lovely motifs. Aside from Koftagiri, the practice of encrusting one metal with another, it is also widely renowned for bronze sculptures.

Other Indian States’ Metalcraft

While the Kashmir area is well known for its naquashi art, the Ladakh region has its own distinctive traditional vessels made of brass and iron. The embossed motifs and patterns on silver and copper are corroded on these objects, and embossed motifs and patterns on silver and copper are corroded.

In Tamil Nadu, brassware goods like lamps and other traditional artifacts used for religious rituals are popular, while bronze statues of Jain deities are well-known in Palitana, Gujarat.

Thin silver wires are used to construct animals and bird parts in the silver filigree craft of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. This metal craft is often used to create key chains, trays, and other ornamental objects.


India has a large and diverse metalcraft industry, with workers who specialize in the local artistic styles. The metal art of India is still a tradition, despite the fact that the metal craft has spread to many regions and thrived in several cultural subgroups. Metal making in India has demonstrated its exceptional expertise in everything from jewelry to household goods. Different styles of metal wall art are prevalent throughout the nation.  The belief in handcrafted history and a suitcase full of tales that evoke old-world charm and nostalgia may be revived by decorating your corners this holiday season with shimmering metal art from Craftsowl.com

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