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Home Improvement

Tips To Choose Right Size AC For Your Home

When it comes to buying the right AC for your home, you should pay attention to the right size. There are so many important factors that you need to consider while buying the right size AC. You can take the help of professionals such as air conditioning Sydney contractors to invest in the right size AC. Some of the top tips and tricks to invest in the right size of AC. Take a look at the below-given points:

Find Room’s Capacity

There are various factors that you should consider while choosing the size of ducted AC. Some of the factors that affect your decision include the capacity of a ducted AC and its ability to cool a room is measured in BTU or EER. First, you should know the capacity of AC required for your room size. There is an easy formula for finding this out:

SQ FT x 25 = Capacity (BTU) required. To find EER, divide BTU by WATTS. The higher the number, the more efficient it is. By using this formula, you can find efficient AC.

Choose the Right Brand and Model

You should check product reviews to make the right decision. Take your time to go through product reviews and buy ducted AC from companies with a proven track record of quality. This will help you to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on a fake brand or model that doesn’t deliver what it promises.

Also, you should check for after-sales service. Choose AC from manufacturers who offer after-sales service. A manufacturer providing 24/7 customer care service is better than one that doesn’t provide such services. Look out for manufacturers that offer free servicing and repairs within a certain period such as 12 months or more. Check if the company offers ready spare parts when needed, instead of having you wait weeks before they arrive in the country.

Fit According To Home 

The ducted AC should be fitted according to your home design and architecture. The ducted ACs are fitted in the ceiling and are out of the way. There are two ways in which these ducted ACs can be fitted.

Ducted AC can be fitted in the space above your ceiling, for this you need to insulate your roof well, or else there will be a lot of cold air loss. Ducted AC can also be fitted in the roof space if it is not too low and is at least 2m high from the floor level.

Check Energy Efficiency Of AC

It is not just about size, but also about how much energy your air conditioning unit consumes to cool down your house. To check the energy efficiency of an air conditioner, check its EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the EER means that it will consume less electricity and will consume more energy. Another way to find out which ducted system AC is best for you is by checking its star rating (energy rating). 

A five-star rated ducted air conditioning system is the highest performing one in terms of its energy efficiency. Also, ask for suggestions from the experts such as ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors. They will give you the right suggestions and help you to make the most of your investment. 

Check Noise Level 

The most important feature that you should check while buying an AC is the noise level of your air conditioner. If you invest in a noisy AC, it will be a hassle to use it. Therefore, check the dB measurement of your AC and ensure that it is within acceptable limits. 

Typically, ducted ACs are noise-free because they are placed outdoors or away from living areas. But if you’re looking for an indoor unit, make sure it doesn’t disturb your sleep and daily activities. Of course, quieter ACs with lower decibel ratings are more expensive too!

Get Expert Help 

The type of room. If you purchase an aircon specifically designed for commercial use, you won’t be able to reap maximum benefits from it. Make sure you choose an AC that fits your needs and requirements perfectly. 

Choosing the right sized ducted air conditioner is essential if you want to achieve optimum results. A couple of things you should keep in mind when choosing a ducted air conditioning unit like the size of the room. Before purchasing a ducted air conditioning unit, make sure it is the right size for your room. A large unit will work harder, use more energy and cost more to install than one that is perfectly sized for your needs. 

Once you’ve chosen the best model for your home, make sure to get it installed by a professional who has experience with ducted aircon installation services in Sydney and other areas across Australia. 


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