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Health and Fitness

The Safety Precautions We Should Follow During Diabetes?

Diabetes is not a piece of a joke; it is a common yet very serious disease. To follow your diabetic treatment, you must stick with a healthy lifestyle and a firm commitment. Light carelessness can make all efforts use less, but if you are careful all the time, then this will reduce the risks and the life-threatening complications. Many people try the best vitamins for diabetics, medicines, and home remedies to take control of diabetes. We sum up some most important safety measures in terms of lifestyle, physical and diet routine in this article. We want you to read this article by the end so you can take care of yourself if you are also suffering from this disease or to help someone from your loved ones. 

Make the Firm Commitment:

If any member has diabetes, it is important for you to stand with them. Help them and keep them motivated. Your commitment is as important as theirs. This needs your care and support along the way. Learn all the stuff you can about diabetes and teach this to the patient. Make a healthy diet plan and physical activity plan and act on it. You should keep in mind not to get the extra weight that is not good for the patient. 

Keep a close eye on your blood sugar level, and create a graph or a chart of the results to keep tracking the readings and act according to that. Never miss your medicines prescribed by your doctor, and keep visiting your doctor for a checkup after a month, even if you feel your sugar level is ok. 

Never Smoke:

Never think of smoking as a diabetic patient; even if you do, you should quit it as soon as possible. Risk of getting “Type 2 diabetes” increased if you are used to smoking. It creates many more complications in your diabetes that also include:

  • This will reduce blood flow in your body, especially in your legs and foot. Due to this, if there is any injury, you will face healing problems, infections and maybe amputation.
  • Blood sugar level becomes uncontrollable. 
  • This increase the risk of cardiac issues 
  • Increase the possibility of stroke
  • Some serious eye diseases that may lead to blindness in future
  • Kidney issues
  • And premature death

Your health care person can guide you about how you can get rid of smoking or if there is any safe tobacco type for you.

Keep the Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels Under Control:

Cholesterol and blood pressure are interlinked in many ways. High blood pressure can also damage your vessels. High cholesterol level is also a serious issue, especially when you are a diabetic patient; the disaster will be rapid.  

You can take care of this by reducing the consumption of alcohol, eating less fatty food, a less saltish diet, and exercising on a regular basis. This will help you in controlling your high blood and cholesterol levels. 

Take Care of Your Teeth:

Diabetes sometimes affects your gums. You should make a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day and using toothpaste that contains fluoride, clean the teeth with floss once a day; if your gums look swollen or bleed, you should contact your dentists as soon as possible. You should at least visit your dental expert once every six months. 

Keep Observing Your Feet Regularly:

For a diabetic patient, feet need the most attention. You should keep their hygiene and save them from any injury. High blood sugar level reduces the blood flow towards the foot. This will result in damaging the nerves of your foot. This increases the risks of infarction and reduces the healing power of the foot. Diabetes leads to less sense, pain and tingling in your foot. 

To prevent foot problems, you should follow below things:

  • Wash your foot regularly with a little warm water daily but do not soak it because this will reduce skin moisture. 
  • Dry the foot very gently, especially between the toes.
  • Use petroleum jelly or lotion to keep your foot moist.
  • Do not use oil or creams because the extra amount of moisture can cause infarction.
  • You should always consult your doctor if you feel any swelling, sores, or redness. 
  • Avoid walking barefoot indoors or outside, especially on the grass. Some insects can bite, and a low nervous system can reside during the recovery.

Avoid Alcohol:

If you drink alcohol regularly, you should avoid it as much as possible because it can cause both high and low blood sugar. Neither high nor low blood sugar levels are good for a person. 

Take the Stress Under Control:

Stress, blood sugar level and high blood pressure are linked with each other. To strict your stress, you should prioritise your work. Do not get worried about unnecessary work. Try to keep the peace of mind at all costs. 

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