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The Impound Insurance Company – A New Way To Protect Your Car

Having your car impounded by the authorities is a major discomfort, and getting back straight away is not always simple as it looks.

You might have to take out specialist impound insurance to secure your vehicle’s release from the police pound because not every car insurance broker covers vehicles impounded by the police.

We take a look at the impound insurance policy and explain when it might be required and to find out what should do if your car gets impounded and taken to the police pound.

Why are the cars get impounded by the police?

Your car can be impounded for a large number of reasons. Some of these might be out of your control but some may obviously be your fault. It would be taken to the police pound to await collection.

Vehicles can also be impounded for being driven without insurance, the driver not having a valid driving license, or if the vehicle causes damage to other people.

Other reasons could also include the vehicle having been involved in a crime, in a collision, not legally parked, or driven in an anti-social manner. Your vehicle can also be impounded for not having vehicle tax.

Impound insurance

Impound insurance is basically a short-term car insurance policy for a car impounded by the police. It depends on the documentation of your policy and the reason why the car has been impounded.

Impound insurance is a short-term policy that will be valid for 30 days. Having a minimum 30-day insurance cover is a situation of the car being retrieved from the police pound.

Why do you need impound insurance?

Many of the reasons a car might be impounded are because of situations that result in the car insurance being canceled or negated. To release the impounded car you have to prove you have a minimum of 30 days’ insurance for the vehicle. However, impounded cars are seen as high risk by insurance brokers and if you can find a yearly insurance policy, it could be expensive. This is where impounded car insurance involves.

Can you get a temporary insurance policy for your impounded car?

Yes, you can purchase temporary car insurance for your impounded car. You can also purchase short-term insurance policies that provide cover from 1 day to a month. Choose impound insurance as the reason for your coverage when comparing temporary car insurance through Release my vehicle.

While policies may vary, they usually provide a comprehensive level of car insurance coverage. It means you must be covered for damage to your own car as well as those of other drivers. These plans are generally purchased to allow someone else to drive your car on a temporary basis. But, insurance premiums are probably a little expensive.

Kindly keep in mind that the insurance policy should allow the release of the vehicle from the police pound.

How to release your impounded car?

If your car has been impounded, you should receive a notice letter when it is ready for collection. The first step is finding where your car has been taken. If you are unsure, call 101 and ask your local police pound to know where it has been taken.

It is really necessary to clarify with the police exactly what is needed and what you require to reclaim your vehicle. Honestly speaking, getting your impounded car back needs you to supply a number of original documents and follow instructions within a day of it being taken.

You will also have to pay storage charges and make sure your current car insurance policy covers you for the car to be released from the police pound.

What are the main requirements if your car has been impounded by the police?

You are legally needed to attend the police pound within seven working days of your car being impounded. But, you should always call the recovery operator before attending the police pound to make sure the vehicle is ready to collect and is not being held for more investigation. (must check opening times )

The vehicle should be collected by the registered owner with the right documents brought at the time within 14  days. If these requirements have not been met after the given deadline, the police will scrap or auction the vehicle.

What documents do you require to reclaim your car?

You have to take a number of documents to the police pound to release your impounded car.

The first is an impound notice issued at the roadside. You also have to prove who you are.

Proof of ID:

A valid ID is needed, it can be either passport, driving license, or national ID.

Proof of ownership:

You also have to prove the ownership of the vehicle. It could be either the logbook or a new keeper supplement.

A valid MOT:

If the car is over 3 years old, it should have a valid MOT. It has to be recovered on a trailer or taken to a pre-hired test appointment.

Insurance certificate:

You also have to provide proof of insurance. But, not every insurance policy covers you for the car being impounded. That is why you first need to read a small chunk. If it is still unsure, contact your insurance provider to clarify the situation.

What do you need to pay for your impounded car?

There is generally also a fee to pay before the impounded vehicle can be released. These fees are established by the authorities and mainly depend on the weight and condition of the car. In most cases, where the car is not badly damaged or off the road, the charges changes:

What happens if you are not the registered owner of the car?

It is the responsibility of the registered owner to attend the police pound to provide the needed documents and pay the storage charges. Only then can the pounds’ staff consider allowing a nominated driver to retrieve the vehicle on your behalf.

There can be a few circumstances in which the registered owner may well be permitted from appearing in person.

The registered owner is not currently in the UK, in which case an authority letter will be required.

Other instances include if the registered owner is in a hospital or in prison, in either case, a letter from the relative department will be required as proof. 

How to get your impounded car back without insurance?

If your car has been impounded as you were unable to insure, you might find it difficult to arrange cover. It is because some insurance companies will not cover impounded vehicles. Kindly keep in mind that insurance policies for this purpose are unlikely to be available cheaply. That is why you should shop around to find the cheapest impounded car insurance. You can also compare impounded car insurance policies through Release my vehicle. Picking impound insurance as your reason for taking out temporary impounded car insurance.

Release my vehicle is offering insurance to drivers whose vehicles are impounded by the police. We have developed strong relationships with top UK insurance providers who will work on your behalf to provide you with what you need. So, do not waste any time and reach one of our insurance providers to get an insurance quote.

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