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The Best 10 Strategy Games About Battle Cats For 2022

Millions of players have been drawn to the platform of the tower defense strategy games The Battle Cats since it launched in 2014. The game has collaborated with numerous artists over the years and expanded its kitty lineup. There are currently around 660 cats available in the game. Selecting the greatest battle cats units can therefore be difficult, to say the least.

The game’s large roster makes picking the best cats a laborious process. But amid the many heroes, there are a select few whose talents and capabilities stand out from the crowd. The top 10 Battle Cats troops that you can add to your team in 2022 are listed below.

The Best Battle Cats Units to Choose From

We have curated ten of the most powerful units you can use in The Battle Cats;


Miko Mitama, an Uber Rare Cat that debuted in version 5.8, is among the most potent characters in the game’s roster. During Uberfest and Superfest events, you can get a rare cat capsule to get this cat. To begin with, this cat is resistant to waves, knockback, slow, weaken, and other such effects. She can also slow down said opponents in her developed form and is impervious to trampled adversaries.

Long-range cat Miko Mitama has a quick attack rate and animation. She also has a high uptime and is cheap to create, making her a useful spam target in the game. Her field movement is regarded as being slow, which is a drawback. She also has a short standing range and a blind spot. She also requires a significant recharge period in her developed form and is expensive to generate.

battle cats Miko Mitama


The actual form of the ultra-rare cat Kasa Jizo was first revealed in version 7.4. By winning a rare cat capsule at the Ancient Heroes Ultra Form gacha event, you can earn this cat. Kasa Jizo is easy to produce, has a high DPS, and a quick recharge time in his standard form. This cat has high health, a greater strike range, and increased attack strength in his true, developed form. The drawbacks of his true and developed forms include slowed movement, higher production costs, and longer recharge times.


Get a rare cat capsule during the Almighties to get Radiant Aphrodite, an Uber Rare Cat. The magnificent Zeus occasion Over great distances, this cat has the power to severely harm aliens. She also has good health, strong DPS, and an exceptional range. Her sole drawback is that she recharges slowly and is animated.


A capsule can obtained during the Tales of Nekoluga Event, Epicfest, Uberfest, Superfest, and Wave Busters to give you access to the ultra-rare cat known as Togeluga. This cat has a good range and an incredibly strong attack force. However, this cat truly shines in its most advanced state, where it can 100% reliably survive a fatal blow. Not to mention the significant knockbacks, wave immunity, and power boost. The drawbacks of this cat include its low health, sluggish movement, and slow rate of recharging.


By receiving a rare cat capsule at the same events as Togeluga, one can receive Tecoluga, an Uber Rare cat. Particularly in his actual form, this cat has incredible range, DPS, and attack power. Tecoluga has a single target, a lengthy cooldown, slow speed, low health, and a single knockback as his drawbacks.

battle cats Tecoluga


A rare cat capsule must obtained during the Superfest or Uberfest events to receive Baby Gao, an Uber Rare Cat. This cat has strong knockback, health, and DPS in his standard form. Additionally, this cat is inexpensive to make and effective against trained foes. Attack rate, animation, and range are all improved in the evolved form. Additionally, there is wave immunity and a 5% chance to unleash a critical hit. As for the drawbacks, Baby Gao has a slow rate of recharge, a limited standing range, poor health, and a hefty price.


During the Epicfest and Superfest events, Shadow Gao, an extremely rare cat, can acquired with a rare cat capsule. This cat is impervious to waves and knockbacks and has the power to deal enormous damage on traitless foes. Baby Gao also has a quick attack rate and animation, strong DPS, high HP, and a great range. This cat has a 100% chance to freeze traitless foes in evolved form, which is one of its unique talents. The drawbacks of this cat are its high cost of production, lengthy recharge time, and poor moving speed.


During the Sengoku Wargods Vajiras event, Maeda Keiji, an ultra-rare cat, may obtained by using a rare cat capsule. This strong cat can withstand attacks from dark foes and truly shines in his true form, which increases his range, health, and attack rate. Additionally, he has an immunity to waves and the capacity to become stronger when his HP drops below 50%. Low range and DPS when not enhanced are some of his drawbacks.


During the Superfest and Uberfest events, D’artanyan, an Uber Rare cat, may acquired by using a rare cat capsule. This cat has an above-average rate of recharge, a rapid attack rate, quick movement, multiple knockbacks, and the ability to deal an astounding amount of damage to targeted adversaries. He becomes impervious to warp and waves in his advanced form. D’artanyan’s short standing range and low health are its drawbacks.

battle cats Dartanyan


Yukimura is an Uber Rare cat, exactly like the other cats on this list. This cat available through a limited-edition cat capsule given out at the Sengoku Wargods Vajiras gacha event. However, this cat has a great movement speed and the capacity to deal outrageous damage on black adversaries. This cat also features a quick attack animation, several knockbacks, an incredibly quick recharge rate, a low cost, and a high DPS. His low health and limited range are the only drawbacks.

Which Battle Cats Units Should You Choose?

It’s time to return to The Battle Cats now that you have a solid understanding of which units are the finest. Speaking of which, playing this game on your PC is the best option. Get the game right away and use every unit you have to slay your opponents! Keep an eye on Endless Running Games like Geometry Dash here as well. lol for more how-to articles like this.

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