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The 5 Best Quality Price Kitchen Knives

Custom Kitchen Knife Set

kitchen knives Kitchen knives are one of the most important elements in any kitchen. With them, it is possible to cut food precisely and to the desired size, something that is not always possible with chopping or grinding appliances.

To make the right purchase of a kitchen knife, it is important to consider factors such as the material of the blade and the handle, as they will give us an idea of ​​its useful life and will influence its effectiveness when cutting, peeling, slicing , fillet or chop, since there is usually a suitable knife for each task.

The size of the blade also plays an important role, especially if you are a beginner, as it influences the imbalance and maneuverability of the knife.

These are just a few considerations to keep in mind before buying a kitchen knife. Next, we list the best knives according to our team of professionals.

The 5 best kitchen knives

If you are looking for a kitchen knife with good value for money that meets your needs, level of experience and budget, these are the best options.

5. Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

It is a set of 4 ceramic knives and peeler. If you are looking to expand your kitchenware, this set of knives is very complete.

This set is quite versatile due to the size and use of each knife:

  • 15.24 cm chef knife, for preparing meat, poultry and fish
  • 12.7 router knife, ideal for cutting vegetables and vegetables
  • 10 general utility knife, 16 cm
  • Fruit knife of 7.62 cm, to clean, peel and chop fruits

We have found that the ceramic of the blade is not excessively resistant, and could break if not given proper treatment. However, the knives include protectors that prevent them from being damaged when stored.

The peeler is also not very sturdy and can break if not treated carefully. 

In our tests we have been able to verify that the edge of the blades is a bit thick, so they are probably not the best option for filleting or making fine cuts. They are light and easy to handle. Its plastic handle offers a good grip due to its ergonomics and design. They can be very appropriate if you have fine or small hands or for those who are just starting out in the kitchen.


  • Ideal for different uses
  • Light, easy to handle
  • Keeps the edge


  • Not very resistant
  • The peeler is delicate

4.  Handmade Forging Mark Blades

If you are looking for a knife to prepare different foods, the Arcos Riviera may be what you need. It has a 15 cm blade, thin and with a fine point that allows you to chop fruits, vegetables and fillet meat quite precisely.

Its forged stainless steel blade is highly resistant and long-lasting, so it can be used and stored without fear of damage. 

It has seemed to us that the edge is not uniform, near the handle it is thicker than at the tip. For this reason, it is probably not the best choice for peeling food.

It is light (227 grams) and has good balance, this makes it easy to handle and allows you to chop quickly.

It is true that it does not keep its edge for long, so it must be sharpened with some frequency. However, it seems to us to be a very appropriate knife for day-to-day use in the kitchen due to its performance and versatility.


  • Good grip and manageability
  • Ideal for filleting, slicing and chopping
  • Strong


  • Does not retain sharpness
  • Not suitable for peeling
  • Sharpness is not uniform

3.  Kitchen Knife Set with Damascus Pattern

This knife is suitable for chopping vegetables and fruits due to its size, sharpness and low weight, as it saves time and effort.

It is a good option when precision and uniformity in the cut are required. Plus, the blade’s mid-height gradient edge cuts through tough foods with ease.

It is not a suitable knife for boning, poultry or fish, as its edge can be undermined by rigid elements such as fish bones or cartilage. However, if treated properly, it can last for a long time without constant sharpening.

It has good balance and comfortable grip, which facilitates the performance of the beginner or professional cook.


  • Good balance and manageability
  • Retains sharpness over time
  • Allows fast cutting


If you use both hands to chop, this custom kitchen knife set is for you. The edge finish is symmetrical and uniform throughout the blade, which allows you to cut comfortably with either hand.

This set includes two knives with different characteristics:

  • A 17.78 cm (7-inch) chef’s knife with a smooth and pointed blade, ideal for chopping vegetables, fruits and filleting meat.
  • An 8-inch (20.32-cm) santoku knife with grooves that create air spaces between the food and the knife and prevent the food from sticking. It is suitable for cutting meat, fish and vegetables.

In our opinion, it is not a suitable set for beginners in the kitchen, since its stainless steel blade is thin and not very resistant, which requires gentle and delicate handling. Also, they need to be sharpened frequently as they dull with use.

They are quite light, each weighing approximately 180 grams. If you are an experienced cook and require a knife to cut quickly, this is a great choice.

They are not easy to clean due to the wooden handle and can retain food odors if not cleaned properly. However, the wood with which they are made is light and offers an excellent grip, making these knives very comfortable to work with.


  • santoku
  • knife
  • Ideal for both left and right handed users


  • Loses sharpness over time
  • Thin blade, not very resistant
  • Not easy to clean

1. Custom Handmade Damascus Chef Knives

This onion knife can make thin cuts thanks to its fine blade. It is suitable for preparing gourmet dishes, salads, filleting meat and making decorative cuts with fruit.

The blade of this knife catches our attention for different reasons:

  • It is made of a complete piece of stainless steel, so it is highly resistant
  • It can cut through large vegetables and fruits with ease as it is 20 cm long
  • It has a good edge close to the handle, ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables
  • It allows to maintain uniformity and precision in the cut

Its termination is fine-pointed —although not very resistant—, not very suitable for cutting tendons or boning pieces of meat. However, the shape of the tip makes it easy to pierce the tubers.

The handle has no finger slots and is completely straight in style, so it may be uncomfortable if used for a long time. However, the material is soft to the touch and easy to clean.

If you are a professional chef looking for a lightweight knife to chop quickly, this is probably right for you as it weighs 200 grams and is well balanced.

Although it is not a ham knife, its thin blade allows you to make fine cuts in pieces of ham. It is a good option if you usually cut salami, serrano ham, among others.


  • Allows you to cut quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for making thin and precise cuts


  • Little ergonomics in the handle
  • Low resistance in the tip

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