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Ten Heads – Facts About Ravana

Dussehra’s name is linked to the killing of the 10-headed demon Ravana;

therefore, Dussehra means removal and may well as removing ten sins.

There is a belief that Dussehra rituals are intended to eliminate the ten weaknesses

in human nature and bad traits of the individual. The year of this celebration,

Dussehra, will be celebrated on the 15th of October.

Ravana was the main antagonist of the epic Ramayana. He had two brothers and six sisters,

Lord Kubera, Vibhishana, Kumbhakarna and Khara, King Khara, Dushana, King Ahiravan, Kumbhini, and Surpanakha.

Based on Ramayana, Ravana had lost the battle he fought against Lord Rama.

The competition was fought because Ravana took Sita captive.

He was well-versed in information about the scriptures, architecture, and the science of astrology,

i.e., the reason there were ten heads. He also wrote publications regarding

Tantra Shashtra and an astrology book called Ravana Samhita, which is the most

acclaimed book in the field of astrology. Because of this, his confidence was

excessive and self-centered. However, he was eventually executed at the hands of Lord Rama.

Ten unique and exciting pieces of information about Ravana

  • Are you aware that Ravana earned his name from Shiva later in his life?

It occurred when Ravana requested Shiva to move his home from Kailash to Lanka, and for this, he was suggested to climb the mountain.

However, Shiva dropped his foot on the hill and smashed Ravana’s fingers with just one toe.

Ravana began to scream in pain, but Shiva was able to calm him, and he began performing Shiva the Tandav Stream.

It is believed that Ravana created the lute Rudra-Veena with one of his heads as the gourd

for the lute that was hung from the other arm for the beam and his nerves for the string.

When he saw this, Shiva was amazed and was able to name him Ravana, who roars the loudest.

  • The most fantastic thing to know is that Ravana was Yagya for Rama, and he shared

important information with Lakshmana at the time of his death.

According to Ramayana, it is believed that the army of Rama built the bridge that connects Lanka.

To do this, they created a Yagya to invoke Shiva’s blessings. And the most significant fact at the

moment was Ravana was the greatest Bhakt of Shiva throughout the world. The man was half

Brahman as well. This made him the perfect person to do the Yagya. This way, Ravana performed

the Yagya and offered Rama thanks.

We also are aware of the fact that Ravana was the most educated scholar ever to live.

Ram told Lakshmana to sit with Ravana as he passed away and learn the most important lessons about diplomatic diplomacy and statecraft.

  • Pushpak Vimana was an airplane that was a challenge for a few to master.

Ravana became proficient in controlling it by himself. Ravana owned several similar

aircraft and even airports where it could land.

Weragantota, located in Mahiyangana, Thotupola Kanda at Horton Plains,

Wariyapola in Kurunegala, and Gurulupotha in Mahiyangana are just a few of the

locations found in Sri Lanka that are still called airports, and Ravana utilized the airports.

Additionally, Ravana was an exceptional Veena musician, as there is a belief that he was a musician with an intense passion for music.

  • Ravana had a physique with extraordinary speed. He had perfected the art of being

faster than everyone else, thus escaping any attempt to capture him. 

The man was so strong that he could alter the planetary alignments.

At the time of the child’s birth, Meghnad Ravana had instructed the planets to remain in the

11th house of the child. However, Shani or Saturn did not agree and stayed in the 12th house.

Due to this behavior, Shani Dev Ravana imprisoned the child.

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  • Did you know that Kumbhkaran and Ravana were gods who guarded Vishnu’s gates? (Dvarapala )?

Jaya And Vijaya are the guardians and Dvarpala from Lord Vishnu, Vaikuntha’s heavenly abode.

The four Kumaras of Lord Brahma came to see Lord Vishnu on Vaikuntha.

The four Kumaras opt to follow the route to Brahmacharya (Celibacy), in which they

ask their godfather to grant them the gift of always remaining at the age of five.

In the belief that they were naughty kids, Jaya and Vijaya stopped their entry into the

gate of Vaikuntha and informed them that Vishnu was asleep and would not be able to see him now.

Disappointed and enraged by this, the Kumaras reported the Kumaras they were told that

Vishnu was always available to their devotees at any time they wanted to call him.

Then they were cursed by Jaya and Vijaya with the words that they would be separated

from their Lord. After they pleaded for forgiveness, Kumaras declared that they could

choose to spend seven years on earth as allies of Vishnu’s avatar or three lives as adversaries.

They chose the second option. In three lives, the couple was born Ravana and Kumbhakaran.

  • We know that Ravana abducted Sita. The most striking and bizarre thing is that according

to the Jain Version of Ramayana”, Ravana was the father of Sita and was also against casteism.

There was a kinship between Rama along with Ravana devoted to Jains.

Ravana was a Vidyadhara King who had supernatural power.

According to Jain reports, it is believed Ravana was king of the sands.

Lakshmana had killed Ravana rather than Rama. These events are dated to the 20th Tirthankara, Munisuvrata.

  • many lessons could be learned from Ravana even though he’s the symbol of evil.

He gave several Tantrik Upayas, which could suddenly create wealth.

On any day of prosperity, start earlier in the day, perform your morning routine,

then go to the sacred reservoir or river. Choose a tranquil and private spot under

trees and then spread the leather seats. On the pedestal, chant the wealth mantra.

For 21 days. For chanting, make use of Rudraksha beads.

Within 21 days, you will be amazed by an unexpected income of money.

  • Are you aware of the truth of Ravana’s murder?

An array was a genuinely magnificent king in Raghuvansh. Ravana was able to meet

Anarnay at the time he set into the entire globe, and, as a result, there was a fierce

fight between the two. King Anarnay was killed in the battle; however, before dying,

he cursed Ravana that he would be murdered by a person born in the Anarnay’s lineage.

Then, Lord Rama took his birth in the Anarnay lineage and killed Ravana.

  • It’s a bit odd, but Ravana was aware of his imminent death.

He knew that he’d die at the hand of the avatar of Vishnu, who would assist him attain moksha and surrendering his demon body.

  • The background story of Ravana’s ten heads is equally fascinating.

According to certain theories in the epic tale of Ramayana, Ravana did not have ten heads;

however, it was believed that he did due to his mother’s nine pearls necklace that was given to her,

which created an optical illusion for anyone looking. Also, in different versions,

it’s stated that to be pleasing Shiva, Ravana chopped his head into pieces, but upon seeing

his devotion, Shiva created each piece into a head.


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