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Sterling or Pure Silver – Which One To Buy?


Christmas is coming in a week, and your best friend has invited you to her house for an evening party. You want to look gorgeous but do not have money to spend on extremely high-end jewellery. Say there is an occasion we will notice a ‘drain of wealth’ from our bank account. Additionally, you have purchased a brand new evening gown for the party. Alongside, you have also bought stilettos and a sassy belt. Now, you want to add some accessories, but what would grab people’s attention? Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver is one metal which is not extremely expensive but adds a sophisticated and shiny look to your appearance. Your red evening gown would look beautiful with this dangle choker necklace

After heading to a jewellery shop, the biggest confusion happens when we have to buy silver jewellery. Shall we buy pure or sterling silver? Will Sterling Silver last or fade? Is it expensive? We have a queue of thoughts in our minds waiting for answers. This article will clear all your doubts regarding Sterling Silver and help you make better decisions for your next big purchase! 

Do you know that there are differences between Pure Silver and Sterling Silver? The differences may not be too apparent, but they exist. So, should you opt for Sterling Silver or Pure Silver? Read further to know more.

Difference Between Sterling Silver and Pure Silver

Do you belong to an aristocrat? Show off your royalty with silver jewellery. Do you want to wear something sparkling? Catch people’s eyes with this shiny metal. Sterling Silver and Pure Silver can enhance your beauty and act as a classic piece of jewellery. You cannot find out any difference between the two by looking at them. So, how to distinguish them?

Chemical Composition

The name Pure Silver defines its purity. One may find some trace elements but 99.9% of it is mostly pure. On the other hand, Sterling Silver is not pure. It comprises 92.3% pure silver, and rest is an alloy (copper or zinc). There is a slight difference in the composition, but it does not affect the result radically.

Afraid of tarnish?

Unfortunately, pure silver can also tarnish. When it comes in contact with air or moisture, it starts to fade out, and you can find a layer on the top of the piece of jewellery. Similarly, Sterling Silver tarnishes more easily. As it contains alloy and is prone to tarnishing, you need to provide extra maintenance for your evil eye bracelet to keep it evergreen. 

Which is more usable?

Sterling Silver is always better than the pure one. As pure silver is very light and cannot accept much pressure, designers do not like to work with pure metal. They find it difficult to craft designs on soft metal. Additionally, pure silver jewellery would not last for long because it can bend if we use it regularly. However, the addition of alloy makes Sterling Silver stronger than Pure Silver. As a result, we can use Sterling Silver for various purposes like jewellery, vessels, platters, et cetera. Designers often use Sterling Silver to plate jewellery made of other metals. It provides shine and durability to the item. 

Should You prefer Sterling Silver or Pure Silver?

Now that we have compared the two metals, would you like to know which metal to buy in a jewellery shop? Would you buy a glass table or a marble table, considering the durability of the marble table is longer and the cost is lower than the former? Marble table, right? Similarly, people prefer Sterling Silver over Pure Silver. Why? The first simple reason is the price. At the beginning of this article, we said that Pure Silver is costlier than Sterling Silver. The latter is also durable, whereas pure silver can bend any time. And if these reasons do not make you buy the dangle choker necklace, look at its creativity. Sterling Silver allows more flexibility for artists.


The positive sides of Sterling Silver outgrow Pure Silver. So, people would go for Sterling Silver. Knowing what you are looking for and what you want to get out of your jewellery will help you to decide if you would like to purchase the Sterling Silver evil eye bracelet.

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