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Home Improvement

Reasons to Get an Electric Shower in Your Bathroom

Desirable temperature control

The temperature regulator control on electric showers is quite easy and intuitive. This feature enables you to quickly modify the temperature of the water to your preferences whether it’s cold or warm.
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Traditional showers had a control mechanism that blends hot and cold water. They do not properly do this by the way. However, they couldn’t allow you to control the temperature as accurately as electric showers do. This is because the boiler is located elsewhere in the home and you are unable to reach it when bathing.

Budget-friendly option for modern houses

Another benefit of electric showers is their low price in the market in comparison to the other appliances for bathrooms. Believe me, if you think they’ll be more expensive than a sink since they’re newer and looks more high-tech, you’re so wrong. These showers are available at a variety of rates, materials and a range of prices from inexpensive to luxurious golden ones!

This makes Electric showers an incredibly cost-effective option to buy for bathrooms, especially because they have a longer lifespan in comparison to the conventional shower.
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Would be worthwhile if you know that electric showers are more difficult to design and manufacture than traditional showers. As a result of this difficulty in producing shower electrics, there’s a higher possibility that one of the numerous components may break down and require repair or replacement. In better words, it would be better to use well-known brands with certified technology and material to ensure your electric shower has high quality or guarantee. There’s no problem with electric showers, if you use them in proper condition, they remain for many years.

Energy Efficiency

Electric showers are more energy-efficient than other types of showers such as digital showers. This is because unlike traditional boilers that used in classic showers utilized heat. Electric showers use less energy to heat water than gas burn showers. This option makes the electric shower more efficient. Even some kinds of the shower like power showers which is linked to a combi boiler. Save money on energy bills while you have a great bath experience every day.

Affordability in market

The majority of electric showers are reasonably priced. So, it should be the number one choice between households. Electric showers are also available in a variety of styles and sizes. Whether you want a modern spaceship design or classic 1920’s style for your bathroom. Premium showers come with additional features and are more expensive than standard showers. They have features like music streaming and touch screen.

No delay Hot Water

It is good to know, in most places that need hot water at any time, like hotels, hostels and student housing, an electric shower is a good choice. You’ll always have hot water without waiting time to heat the water.


It’s good to have something timeless. Something with the ability to upgrade. Electric showers can improve and replace with some new ones easily. This ability can stay shower upgrade and new like the first days.

A modern unit

An electric shower might be a good alternative for you if you want a refurbishment and remodel for your bathroom. It outperforms other heating methods. If your boiler breaks down frequently, this shower could be a good option for you.

They are so easy to install

Electric showers are quite straightforward to install and do not require any professional kinds of work, despite their much more complicated design than traditional showers, really some of them are looks like a futuristic spaceship! Anyway, the electric shower connects to the cold water line using a simple screw arrangement. After the physical installation and electric parts, you probably need an expert in plumbing to connect the electric shower to the electric part of the shower. The last part is very easy and quick too.

Is it ok to Install an Electric Shower by myself?

Water and electricity are combined in electric showers. I know it sounds dangerous cause we always said that electricity and water don’t do well which need spot-on installation. Actually, it is dangerous on your own and a difficult task to do without any experience.
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Installing an electric shower may need the services of a certified plumber or electrician in some places. Only a professional can verify that an electric shower is properly installed and wired for daily use. If you don’t have any kind of certification, it’s usually best not to try to install it on your own.

In some cases, if the new electric shower has a greater wattage or an entirely different plumbing and wiring architecture, you’ll almost certainly need to ask a licenced electrician to perform the installation and a certified plumber for the rest of the task.

Plumbing & Electrical Requirements

  • Plumbing: One of the biggest advantages of electric showers is that they still work without hot water. Electric showers heat the cold water on their own. So the only thing you need for installing an electric shower is the cold water supply line (15 mm is enough).
  • Electrical: A separate fused electrical circuit should be provided for the electric shower. You’ll also need a ceiling-mounted double-pole switch for safety. This switch will allow you to turn on/off the main power of the electric shower at any time needed. The size of the required cable and fuse will be determined by the power of your shower in Kilowatts.

We can help you!

Leaks, trouble establishing and maintaining the proper temperature, or an irregular water stream may transform a basic bathing ritual into a preview of a bad day that will be happening. Most shower problems begin as a slight irritation, but if ignored, they may quickly escalate into a major problem like anything else. If you’re searching “electric shower installers near me”, I would say, our trained staff in Electric Works London will be happy to help you with these kinds of technical issues.

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