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Premier TEFL- Five books to read for better English comprehension

Premier TEFL Offers & deals 2022

Premier TEFL discount coupons & promo codes

Speaking a few words and sentences in English is different from forming whole paragraphs. Since this colonial language has now become the driver of economic and social status in many countries, speaking fluent English and also writing the same is an appreciated skill. Since we all are taught English as a language subject in schools, the level of understanding and fluency doesn’t deepen because it is different from the language that we usually prefer speaking in. But since it is essential to write and read well in English, many people struggle with it.

English is the preferred language in many educational institutions and even in workplaces. So, it is necessary to develop this skill to earn well economically and socially as well. If you are looking for a TEFL course that offers various perks like internships too, your best option is Premier TEFL. Non-native English speakers are taught English through this practice. One can avail of this at a cheaper price at Premier TEFL offers and using coupons, and promo codes to get better and less prices.

Here are five books you can read for better English comprehension since books are an effective medium to learn words and their uses and widen one’s vocabulary easily and effectively. 

  • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

This novel by Hemingway was his last major work. It is one of his well-known and famous fiction pieces which was published in 1952. For fiction, it was nominated for and won the Pulitzer Prize. Even the Novel Committee cited it as a contributing factor to which Hemingway got the Nobel prize in literature in 1954. It follows the story on the coast of Cuba; Santiago, an old and aging fisherman, and his struggles against marlin in the Gulf stream.

The novella received huge popularity among the masses and critics alike. Some even called it a” new classic”. The influence of Hemingway on the English language is still prevalent. He is a figure of admiration for many later generations. His writings are clear, straightforward, and largely include short forms of sentencing. You can also visit Premier TEFL which offers TEFL certification courses that can be completed in the comfort of your house via online courses. These courses are effective and you can enroll in them at an affordable price if you use Premier TEFL Coupon codes.

  • Animal Farm – George Orwell

Written in the form of satire, this beast fable is an allegorical novella that was published in 1945. The storyline follows the groups of animals who decide to rebel against the human master. They are aspiring to create a dystopia where Animals are free, equal, like brothers, comrades, and ultimately happy. But, in the end, the rebellion faces backstabbing and ends up in a poorer situation than before and is ruled by a pig dictator ‘Napoleon’.

The famously coined word’ Orwellian’ adjective describes the totalitarian and Authoritarian society; Orwell was an influential figure in popular culture of the 19th century. The majority of his works are social criticisms that are critically applauded by the masses and respected in literary circles. Visit Premier TEFL which has online as well as offline courses that will help you to achieve the required fluency and skills in English comprehension. The courses are economical in price by using Premier TEFL Promo codes

  • Shakespearean Plays

The question of the relevance of Shakespeare’s 15th-century play today is always coined by individuals. But there are always devoted followers and appreciators of his works and his influence on movies and tv shows that we watch so intriguingly is still prevalent. Shakespeare’s characters feel real as if we are seeing ourselves performing on the stage. Since he had a deeper understanding of the human psyche, he made his characters realistic and full of complicated emotions.

Iconic characters of Macbeth, Othello, and Hamlet are still celebrated and intensively studied in literary circles. Shakespearean plays are also a good source of widening one’s vocabulary. There are online courses available that also help in widening the vocabulary. One such website is Premier TEFL which provides Basic and Level five regulated TEFL courses which you can purchase at discounted rates if you shop smart and use Premier TEFL Discount codes during the checkout. 

  • Harry Potter Series- J.K.Rowling

  The first book ‘The Philospher’s stone in a many-part series of the Hogwarts Wizards and muggle fictional world is the debut novel of J.K.Rowlings. The story focuses on the story of Harry Potter, who is a wizard prodigy and discovers the truth about his magical heritage on his eleventh birthday through the acceptance letter into the Hogwarts School of Wizard and Witchcraft. It is harry’s destiny to kill the dark wizard Lord Voldemort who also killed his parents when he was 15 months old.

J.K.Rowkings debut novel was an instant hit in the markets and is the third best-selling novel of all time. She applauded so much that some critics even compared her to the greek storyteller Homer. To this date, the Harry Potter series is one of the favorites of every child around the globe and is also been adapted into subsequent films as well. Since these are children’s novels, they are easy to read and understand and are useful to learn vocabulary. Premier TEFL offers discounted prices for its TEFL certification courses which helps in gaining the skills and knowledge of the English language, so if reading novels is not your game, you can also try these courses at discounted prices using the various Premier TEFL Offers.  

  • Angel and Demon & The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

 Both these novels are part of the Robert Langdon Series which has become international bestsellers. The story revolves around the main character Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor, and how he solves mysteries that involve symbols and historical, controversial figures, and controversies.  Both these novels are insanely famous around the globe and are spellbound thrillers that will keep you awake till you have not finished them.

Since these are thrillers, it is easy to concentrate on and keeps you engaged throughout the story so it is easier and more interesting to read. If you are looking for a TEFL certification course that will be interesting to follow and is also credible and globally recognized, Visit Premier TEFL which provides the best quality TEFL course with certification at comparatively cheaper rates by offering Premier TEFL Coupons. 

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