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JavaScript Rendering and Common Problems for SEO in 2022


JavaScript is popular among developers. It is expected that JavaScript will be the future of websites. Instead of the popularity of CSS and HTML, almost all modern web developers like to create a website in JavaScript. Its reason is that with the help of JavaScript, they can make the websites interactive. It has a unique quality because it can easily update the content of a website dynamically. That’s why we are using it in the Forex and CFD trading platforms because it is helpful to show the exchange rates continuously. On the other hand, if we don’t use JavaScript on these platforms, we will have to manually update the websites to show these exchange rates. Most people don’t get the required benefits with the help of JavaScript websites. Its reason is that they don’t do the JavaScript SEO properly.

With the help of JavaScript, we can generate six types of content. First, we can create paginations with the help of JavaScript. Internal links can also be created by JavaScript. You can show top products on your website with the help of JavaScript. To show the reviews of the customers on the website is also possible with the help of JavaScript. You can also show the comments of the users on your website. You can also create the main content for your website with the help of JavaScript. There are two ways to check whether you are using JavaScript on your website or not. First, you can check it by using a free tool WWJD. You can easily check your website just by typing the URL of your website. You can also check it by using a plugin. The best plugin to check the JavaScript of your website is Quick JavaScript Switcher.

Common Problems of JavaScript Rendering for SEO:

To rank a website on the first page of the search engines, the search engines consider lots of signals. Most of us have understood the traditional ranking signals for the traditional server rendering websites. Therefore, we are using different techniques to rank our websites. On the other hand, if we are moving from traditional server rendering websites to a new framework, we will have to face lots of issues. These issues are explained below;

Search Engine Index:

The first step of the SEO of a website is to index it in the search engines. After indexing your website in the search engines, you will get an idea of where your website stands. After that, you can work on the SEO of the website. The coding of JavaScript is complex to understand for the search engines. Google has started to understand the complex code of JavaScript websites with the help of its crawlers. Now, the problem is that other search engines have not made the necessary changes in their crawlers. Therefore, they are facing lots of problems in comprehending the complex codes of JavaScript. Moreover, Google has also limited resources. Due to these limited resources, Google is also facing lots of problems to comprehend the complete code of a JavaScript website. Therefore, it is difficult for the search engine to know whether your website is worth-crawling or not. Therefore, we can say that it is the major SEO problem for a website.

It Creates Speed Issues:

Studies by a dissertation help companies show that nowadays Google and other search engines give more importance to those websites which are providing the best user experience. According to the search engines, if a website is taking less time in loading the data, it provides a better user experience. On the other hand, if a website takes more time in loading the data, this website provides a bad user experience. The web pages of JavaScript websites are heavy than the web pages of HTML websites. Therefore, JavaScript websites take more time in loading the data than HTML websites. Due to this reason, JavaScript websites are creating lots of SEO problems for websites. If your website is providing a bad user experience, you can’t rank this website by creating backlinks. Its reason is that a better user experience is the priority of the search engines.

The Problem of Resources and Rendering:

The HTML websites don’t face problems with resources and rendering. Its reason is that these websites don’t require too much manipulation to fetch the source code from the server-side. Its reason is that DOM is rendered once on the server-side to load the data. On the other hand, the coding of JavaScript websites is complex. Therefore, these websites require more resources from the search engine side and from the user side to render the data. That’s why search engines and users don’t give enough importance to the JS framework of the websites.

All of these problems occur only if you are not creating JavaScript files by keeping in mind the SEO of the website. Anyhow, if you create these JavaScript files by keeping in mind the SEO of the website, you can easily overcome this problem. Moreover, while creating these JavaScript files, we should also keep in mind the changes in the search engine crawlers. For this reason, you can use lots of tricks. First, you should use server-side rendering. If Google is not indexing your JavaScript website, you should enable server-side rendering on this website. After enabling the server-side rendering, you should not operate functions directly in the DOM.

Another solution to this problem is dynamic rendering. It means that you will have to use a mixture of fully-featured websites and a static version of the website. Fully-featured website will be for the users and the static version of the website will be for the search engines. Now, the most interesting aspect of the dynamic rendering of a website is that you will not get a penalty from Google for it. Its reason is that the dynamic version of the website is fully supported by Google. That’s why Google has also provided a handy guide for the dynamic version of the website. By reading this dynamic guide, you can easily create a dynamic version of the website. By following this tip, you can easily create such website which can easily index in search engines.

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