iPhone XS Max Display, Camera And Battery Life 4 Years Later

iPhone XS Max Replacement Parts

So, I bought the iPhone XS Max a month ago to see whether it can still survive as the main driver after 4 years of its official release. So, I used the XS Max for communication, photography, videography, travel, reading listening to music pretty much everything I do every day. I had a quality time with the iPhone XS Max. It’s a big phone with a more real-life user experience. So, now that I have been using it for a month, I will be sharing an honest review that how the XS Max is Max in every sense of the word.

Firstly, I was worried that I don’t find the device which is not refurbed or repaired in any kinds. What if I need iPhone XS Max replacement Parts, will they be available in the market? Will the repair cost be now affordable after 4 years, or is it still expensive? After weeks of searching the web, I was finally able to get in contact with an iPhone reseller. I dropped it off at his place, well the XS MAX was in pretty decent condition, with minor scratches at the aluminum grill, and a bit dusty charging port rest it was in perfect condition. After a thorough check, I was convinced that I bought the iPhone XS Max at a cheaper price. Now let’s dig deeper into how it performed, afterward.

iPhone XS Max is Max

Using the XS Max during the day or night totally feels more like using a tiny phablet. It is not just about the big display size, it’s because of how perfectly the 6.5inches massive display sits edge to edge. Giving the XS Max screen a more expansive feel and look.

The XS Max replacement screen does not make it an iPad mini, which Apple would not do even personally. It is designed for users who want more space on the screen. Mostly those who read or write on cellphones the XS Max screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio allows more lines of text or rows of context in landscape mode. Personally, I did not use the XS Max in landscape mode much unless I was watching a video or shooting pictures. I’ll stick to the portrait mode as sit makes it look and feel more expansive.

This left me with two noticeable reactions.

First, there’s no landscape home screen and no split-view controllers in the application.

Personally, I’d like to see landscape icons on the Home Screen so I could have a consistent horizontal experience.

Second, and more interesting, why I’m sticking to portrait so much is that the experience ends up being better, but also a little less convenient than the regular iPhone XS.

XS Max Camera

I am impressed by the camera setup, shooting with Smart HDR disabled. I wanted to evaluate how the camera sensors performed on the wide-angle camera on its own. Well, it is solid and much enhanced. With the Smart HDR enabled, Is much surprising. It is the combination of neural network and image signal processing in the powerful A12 Bionic Chipset.

iPhone XS Max Camera is a little like that but a lot different. Things like low light are better. The enhancement I notice is much of the details the camera pulls out of the shadow and light What’s new is how much detail it’s pulling out of the shadows and light.

For a normal user like me, I just focused on the action shots and took a bunch of pictures. So, directly I would translate that it takes more usable photos.

Parts of the iPhone XS Max camera that’s significantly has been enhanced are the noise cancellation and the banding with the Smart HDR enabled. So, it gives the pictures more of a real-like feel than the artistic one.

Apple also seems to have biased the white balance and tone mapping more toward warming the skin tons, which has bothered some people as well.

There is a lot of stuff to discuss but what the iPhone XS camera misses out on is the beauty mode. But I am satisfied with the naturalness of the original camera.

Battery life

I came across several reviews that the iPhone XS Max battery does not charge when plugged in while in sleep mode. Apart from that, wireless charging works perfectly. I was a bit concerned at first so I arranged a spare XS Max replacement battery, in case it’s blackouts. Plugged in while awake, it charged perfectly. Plugged in the screen wake-up, it seemed pretty good at charging the battery. And eventually, when I tried to keep the XS Max plugged in and the screen left unattended, it still charged perfectly. Later on, I discovered that it was one of the iOS bugs that now is fixed in the latest iOS 16.

That doesn’t mean that there is no such battery issue. The device I purchased has 84% battery health. Still, it seems to lose its capacity a bit faster than today’s devices. So, I ordered the replacement XS Max battery online. It is an OEM product, similar to the original and now it performs way better than it did on its previous battery.

I use my iPhone a lot. All the apps I use from social accounts to video streaming remain open in the background. The battery responds well to them and the screen stays lit up all the time while I am reading and does not drain the battery faster.

So, it’s nice that Apple has finally managed the drainage of the battery, while in a static user mode.

The XS Max replacement battery is good, it’s a fresh battery but I didn’t do a clean install. So, I would recommend you get any repairs or replacements from a professional.


There’s a lot more to iPhone XS Max, including everything that’s going on with the new iOS updates. The iPhone XS Max replacement parts are still available in the market easily. So, you don’t need to worry about any damaged or faulty parts of the iPhone XS Max. Book your replacement part online and if you are confident enough, install the repair part of the XS Max yourself else go to your nearest repair center.


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