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How to Improve your College Assignment with the Help of Subject-Verb Agreement

English is one of the most complex languages if you are not aware of the basic grammar rules. As it is one of the factors on which you can differentiate professional writing from basic one. Moreover, writing is one of the techniques used for both academic and professional fonts. Already students are trying to cope with academic life. With the additional pressure of submitting subjective projects, you need smart college assignment help writing techniques to keep up with your peers.

In such a case, a clear and smooth grammar base comes handy. Throughout the academic writing process, a student finds converting thoughts into content quite dreadful. But if you are proficient in basic grammar. It will hardly take time to convert research into an assignment writing service approved technical write-up. 

What is the Purpose of Subject-Verb Agreement?

It is necessary to have a correct subject-verb agreement to create a grammatically correct sentence. As it means that the subject and its verb should either have a plural or singular form. The verb must agree with the sentence for the content to make sense. Through this direct speech form, the reader gets the gist of the content. Learning this rule might be a little intense in the beginning. But with some time and daily practice, you develop skills to implement it.

Moreover, a correct grammar alignment base has the same numeric quantity between subject-verb agreement. This might look easy at first, but get quite confusing as you get a deeper understanding of the concept. Usually, a similar verb is used for talking in the first person singular or plural. But this is not the most common mistake that the author makes. As the real issue occurs when the writer loses the track of the main subject. It is because you might treat the object as a subjective proposition. Thus, choosing the wrong form of the verb.

So to avoid the major mistake in the long term, let’s discuss the general rules to match subjects with their verbs shown below with the examples:

  1. If the subject is singular then the verb is singular.

He draws every day 

  1. If the subject is plural then the verb is plural

They draw every day

  1. If two nouns and pronouns connect through a sentence. Always use a plural verb with them.

The university student and classroom peers draw every day. 

  1. If there is “and” in a complex sentence then use a plural verb.

Movie and popcorn blend perfectly.

  1. If there is “or” in a complex sentence then you can use either a plural or singular verb.

Either can or Pete knows to cook.

  1. If you have multiple verbs with a single subject. Then verbs should agree with the sentence.

A conclusion is generally accepted as true and is an important consideration when backed up with solid evidence.

  1. Collective nouns like team, fleet, pride, pack, colony, etc used with both singular or plural nouns.

Together the company leaders gave a speech about equality. 

  1. All indefinite pronouns like neither, either, each, etc are only used with singular verbs.

Nobody likes a snitch. 

  1. A collective pair of singular nouns in a sentence uses a singular verb.

That old pair of scandals have comfortable soles.

  1. The third person pronoun “they “is used in both singular and plural contexts.The verbs must agree with the sentence, in case of multiple active verb usage.

In the morning, I brush, wake up the kids, cook breakfast and then get ready for the office.

Hopefully! This compiled list of problematic rules might clear all the doubts. Just try to implement the tricks in your day-to-day writing. You will become a pro in subject-verb agreement in a few weeks. All you need to do is trust the process. As it will help you build a solid background for grammar. Thus, making you a better writer.

Moreover, these convention rules will deliver the aim while keeping the document crisp and precise. As technical writing is a perfect blend of grammar, syntax, and sentence structure. So recommended studying these tricks thoroughly. Additionally, you can use them to fix errors during the editing stage. But if you are still confused or overwhelmed with multiple rules or can’t relate the subject-verb agreement in the real-life writeup. In a case like this, take assistance from any leading college assignment help service in your locality. To get the customized help you desire!!

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