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How Mobile App Development Company In India Is Increasing?

Mobile App Development Company In India

Demand In Mobile App Development

The world is shifting towards technology and soon people will be dependent upon digital equipment. Now, everything works through the internet. People can access their personal digital belongings with just a single touch. This is only possible through the mobile application that is installed on smartphones, working through the internet.

There are almost 3 billion people worldwide who use smartphones and this number is increasing every single hour. Recent studies it has concluded that the total number of mobile application downloads has increased from 149.3 billion in the year 2016 to 352.9 billion in the year 2021. This shows that people are now using their cellphones more than ever, they spent 9% more time on mobile applications than using websites. Below mentioned reasons will justify why Mobile App Development Company In India are Increasing

1. Faster Communication

Due to cell phones, now people can effectively exchange information from one person to another through voice calls, video callings, or text messages. Many software developers are now offering all these features in just one application and that too with great quality. There are large number of applications on the market that offer engaging features that enable users to easily communicate among themselves. Not just for communication purposes, people are now using these applications for business purposes as well.

2. Demand For Efficient Developers

With the increase in demand for mobile app development services in India, the demand for efficient developers is also increasing rapidly. Every company wants to recruit a skilled developer to provide professional mobile app development services to the public. Every company wants creative employees because mobile app development demands high-level creativity skills. It has also been predicted that requirements for developers are going to increase from 17% to 24% soon.

3. Increase In e-commerce

Due to the lockdown, people have now shifted towards online purchasing whether it be purchasing clothes or groceries for the kitchen, people don’t want to step out of the house. This is the reason why people are choosing ecommerce more.

Now even offline retailers are looking for developers to get an e-commerce app for their business and also to increase their online presence.  Online shopping also offers many benefits to people such as discounts, cashback, gift vouchers, and many more. Also, e-commerce provides around-the-clock goods to customers.

4. Best For Startups

Mobiles application are not just beneficial for established companies, it also helps start-ups to gain success at a faster rate. And app development companies are also helping these new emerging start-ups to become stable in the market. Let us take an example of a cab booking company, no one wants to book a cab through a website, everyone prefers an application because it is more convenient to use. Due to the increase in startups, demand for mobile applications is also increasing.

5. New Futuristic Features

People want to stay updated nowadays therefore everyone prefers new smartphones with advanced features. Every application keeps adding new features to stay at the top, if any application fails to provide the latest features to its users, they will uninstall it. Also, mobile application has to keep up with the software updates of the cellphones, if the phone is not updated one or the app is not updated, it wont get installed in the phone.

6. Pocket Friendly

Most of the applications are free to use for the users and barely charge any amount. Some apps with extra features do charge fees to unlock the advanced features but that’s also under the budget for users. Also, high demand has made Mobile App Development company in India to provide services at cheaper rate than their competitors to keep running therefore creating an mobile application is also pocket friendly for people other than big companies.

Final Thoughts

We now know that mobile app development services in India are in huge demand and will keep on increasing in the coming days. If you are a budding developer then this is a really good time for you to learn new developing skills and make some money out of it.

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