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How Bavarian People Appreciate the Value of Traditional Costume?

The Lederhosen accessories that make up the whole Lederhosen costume are the traditional Bavarian shirt and Lederhosen shoes. Don’t scrimp spending while choosing Lederhosen accessories since high-quality accessories may make or break the Lederhosen costume. Your German outfits look and feel better thanks to all the accessories, including the suede leather Lederhosen shoes and the traditional white Bavarian shirt worn underneath.

Lederhosen are not just a very Munich-specific traditional attire but also a well-liked option for travellers worldwide. Lederhosen was invented by European peasants some three centuries ago, and Bavarians changed them to meet their sense of fashion.

The front drop flap of Lederhosen was created by the Bavarians and is still used to identify the clothing today. Several changes have been made in the two centuries since the Bavarian people adopted Lederhosen. However, a few elements of German outfits haven’t changed much throughout time.

Without Traditional Costume, Oktoberfest is Dull:  

Attendees of Oktoberfest must understand that Lederhosen costumes are permissible and improper. You’ll be appreciated by the locals and experience a fantastic Oktoberfest if you dress correctly. However, if you go about it improperly by disobeying traditional customs, it might bring shame to you and ruin your Oktoberfest experience.

The biggest beer celebration in the country, known as “Oktoberfest,” always starts on a Saturday in September and lasts until the first Sunday in October, 16 to 18 days later. Munich claims that the tradition began in 1810 with the marriage of Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen to Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria.

In Germany, numerous traditional Christian holidays are celebrated, including Christmas and Easter. German Unification Day, a single federal holiday, is observed on October 3 to honour the reunification of East and West Germany.

Enhance Your Lederhosen with Accessories:

Lederhosen and the Bavarian shirt are the parts of the German outfits that are the most noticeable, yet the establishment is still lacking without the other accoutrements. Let’s look at the additions that might make your Lederhosen stand out from the crowd.

Lederhosen with Shoes:

Leather shoes made specifically for Lederhosen costumes are necessary to complete the look of the outfit. A pair of Trachten is a popular alternative to shoes when wearing Lederhosen. Just be careful not to wear tennis shoes or joggers underneath Lederhosen costumes since they completely ruin the design of the outfit and will get plenty of jeering looks from the locals.

Waistcoat with Lederhosen: 

A waistcoat gives short Lederhosen-wearing men a stylish appearance. You should still wear waistcoats if they complement your style, even if they are generally worn for more formal occasions. Dark brown, black, and golden brown waistcoats from The Lederhosen Store blend well with traditional Lederhosen colours.

Lederhosen Socks:

It may not seem like it, but socks are necessary to complete the Lederhosen costume. The Loferl Bavarian Lederhosen socks have long, separate patches that span the shin and lower leg. They are ankle-high. Wearing long, knee-length Oktoberfest socks is the more conventional style, though.

Dirndl Dress with Ruffles and Flounces

These embellishments are on every dirndl costume; thus, frills and ruffles go wonderfully with them. However, as of 2018, this has assumed a central position in the typical wardrobe. From exceptional trend-setting dirndl to charming girlish styles, ruffles and frills on dirndl have a unique appeal that will continue.

You can browse our collection to discover the newest styles or get in touch with us immediately for suggestions on what to wear to Oktoberfest. Whether simple, wealthy, or traditional, Oktoberfest will have something to please every Oktoberfest enthusiast.


The modern iterations of the dirndl and Lederhosen begin to diverge from their respective historical origins. A pair of Lederhosen is still a simple and recognisable example of traditional apparel. Lederhosen are made of genuine leather, usually elk or cowhide. Therefore, Lederhosen’s optimum colours are those found in the animal’s natural hide. As a result, brown, tan, black, and grey are the standard colours for men’s Lederhosen, and you should pick these colours while purchasing your own set.

On the other hand, the German dirndl has been beautifully restored. The first dirndl was made of materials that resembled rags and had terrible flaws. They often wear shorter skirts today and are tidy and cheerful.

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