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Guide To Maintain Your Car In Good Condition

Maintaining your vehicle properly is key to ensuring it stays in the best health and condition. Moreover, it can also help to make sure that the car is safe to travel, ensuring the safety of the driver and fellow passengers.

However, you do not need to be a technician or mechanic to make sure that the vehicle is being taken care of properly. On the other hand, you must have some fundamental knowledge to ensure proper care. It does not matter how strong a car is; if it is not maintained correctly, it will not function to its full expectation.

Effective vehicle upkeep hinges on scheduling a maintenance calendar. A calendar will help as a prompt because there may be times when you forget the maintenance date. For example, you could put your calendar reminder to alarm on your mobile.

However, appreciating and realizing good vehicle maintenance’s worth will stimulate your commitment. When you maintain your vehicle correctly, it performs adequately.

The efficiency of the vehicle engine serves on costs as vehicle repairing brings back the best fuel consumption. Most of all, regular vehicle service will ensure care safety, regularly decreasing road carnage.

Through unnecessary breakdowns, vehicle fitness will also help avoid loss of time and its accompanying monetary value. Moreover, if you perform regular car maintenance on used cars for sale in Burundi, your vehicle will stay in good physical shape

Car Maintenance Tips

Essential car maintenance can fall by the curb between family events, work, and the hundreds of other commitments people have. But on the other hand, conducting regular car maintenance is a factor that can be more important than you think. Let us look at a few basic car maintenance tips that are essential and can help your car stay in good physical shape:

1. Tip Number 01 – Check Your Car Battery

2. Tip Number 02 – Don’t Avoid Booked Car Maintenance Services

3. Tip Number 03 – Check Your Tire Pressure

4. Tip Number 04 – Check Out Your Car

5. Tip Number 05 – Change The Oil Frequently

6. Tip Number 06 – Check The Fluids Of Your Car

7. Tip Number 07 – Read Your Owner’s Manual

8. Tip Number 08 – Replace The Engine Air Filter

9. Tip Number 09 – Use The Precise Octane Mark

10. Tip Number 10 – Get Your Tires Rotated

11. Tip Number 11 – Learn Your Vehicle’s Warning Lights

12. Tip Number 12 – Ask About Winding And Timing Restraints

13. Tip Number 13 – Don’t Wait To Replace Wipers

14. Tip Number 14 – Consider Covering Your Car

15. Tip Number 15 – Check Brake Pads & Spark Plugs

16. Tip Number 16 – Be Nice To Your Car & Take Proper Care

17. Tip Number 17 – Keep Automotive Tools Handy

Car Maintenance Checklist

You must ensure timely car maintenance to avoid costly repairs. For that reason, here is a car maintenance checklist (Short Term, Long Term, and Seasonal) that will help you keep on top of your vehicle upkeep.

Short Term Check Ups

  • Air Filter
  • Wax Vehicle
  • Headlights, Turn Signals, Brake, And Parking Lights
  • Oil And Coolant Levels
  • Tire Pressure And Tread Depth
  • Oil & Filter
  • Rotate Tires

Seasonal Check-Ups

  • Check Coolant Levels
  • Battery Performance Check
  • Replace Windshield Wipers
  • Change Tires

Long Term Check-Ups

  • Coolant Fluid Exchange
  • Transfer Case Fluid
  • Serpentine Belt
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Inspect Shocks And Struts
  • Spark Plugs
  • Front Differential
  • Rear Differential

Guide To Maintain Your Car In Good Condition

Regular Vehicle Checks

The first step to maintaining a car is a regular check. So, first, you must frequently carry out vehicle checks. However, there are two different types of routine car checks.

It is recommended to pay constant attention to the vehicle dashboard. The panel displays the condition of your cars, such as the battery charging system, engine temperature, fuel level, electronic system, and oil level.

The secondary checks must be on the car physically. It would be best to check your engine physically at least twice a week. Moreover, the most important thing to check in the vehicle is engine oil. It would be best if you made sure that the oil levels of the car’s engine do not fall below the recommended marked levels.

Furthermore, check for brake fluid, water, and hydraulic oil and fill-up to suggested measures where necessary.

 Car Batteries

The recent advancements in technology have fetched batteries that are free from maintenance. On the other hand, conventional batteries are still placed in most of the cars. Check the battery acid level. Moreover, it would help if you made sure that there is no rust build-up around the terminals of the car battery.

In case you find rust or corrosion on the terminals, simply wipe them using sandpaper, and after that, applying a thin coat of Petroleum Jelly is recommended. As a result, it will conduct electricity and help prevent additional corrosion.

Moreover, if the acid level in the battery has decreased, you must use distilled water instead of tap water and refill the battery to the recommended level. Finally, you must ensure keeping the upper surface of the vehicle battery is wiped, dry, and clean of any acid spill.

Because most of the parts in the vehicle are built with metal, they endlessly scrub off each other and cause resistance. As a result, it is essential to make sure that you apply grease and lubrication regularly.

Conversely, there are other parts of the vehicle that everyone cannot access. For that reason, self-servicing the car at home is not recommended. Instead, you must use both DIY and specialized industrial service.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment cannot be done unless you are a professional mechanic with professional tools. First, however, you need to schedule an excellent service to get it done. Then, it is a procedure of setting up wheels to link up to the company’s specifications. In case you fail to do this, the tires wear out sooner and more quickly.

Moreover, suitable tire pressure is crucial for better fuel consumption and deceleration. Therefore, each tire has a label on it of the applicable pressure extent.

The Final Word

It would be best to park your car under a shade to prevent it from intense hot weather. In addition, use a screen windshield to guard the instrument panel from the heat. Also, it would help if you rub wax on the dashboard. It does not matter how strong a car is; if it is not maintained correctly, it will not function to its full expectation.

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