Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Shipment Inspection

“If you want to know about pre-shipment inspection process, then this article will be helpful for you. Read in detail to know more”.

The pre-shipment inspection from any inspection agency in India refers to inspecting the manufactured things before their shipment. The primary purposes of pre-shipment assessment are as follows:

  • To make sure about the actual quality and quantity
  • To see if it has any defects
  • Ensures the products meet the required safety measurement
  • Creating reports for billing and importing

This inspection process was introduced in 1994, and the sole purpose was to improve the trading standard. GATT first introduced this inspection, later upgraded by the World Trade Organization.

Why Pre-shipment Inspection Is Important?

The pre-shipment inspection is done to provide a report from an inspection agency in India on whether the product has any faults or is ready for shipment. The pre-shipment check saves up your money for dealing with dissatisfied customer complaints. Here are the reason states why pre-shipment inspection is essential:

  • Reduces the risk of counterfeit goods in place.
  • Ensures that the customer will not receive a defective item.
  • It opens up whether the manufacturer has followed the guidelines provided by you to make the product.
  • Eliminates the risk of being tarnished for product return.
  • It makes clear whether the product is safe and sound for use.
  • In pre-shipment inspection, the inspectors inspect all the paperwork and documents related to the products.

Procedures Of Pre-Shipment Inspection

The pre-shipment inspection is generally a straightforward method, and the third-party inspectors work with the following steps to perform the inspection:

Order Placement: While most manufacturing companies make orders for pre-shipment inspection, the client can also place orders for pre-shipment to get the right product. This is generally an optional step except for medical companies.

Inspector Come To The Place: Once the third party inspection service in India gets an order for pre-shipment inspection; they reach on-site to do the following tasks. The pre-shipment examination can be held in a warehouse or the production house.

Off-site Inspection: The third-party inspectors may also come for an off-site inspection. However, in the case of off-site review, it needs special handling, particularly for toxic substances.

Checking Quantity & Visual Inspection: The inspector makes sure about the boxes and there are correct items in the boxes. After quantity, they know about the destination and box’s integrity. In visual check, they look for potential and mechanical damage in the production.

Verification: In the verification process, the inspector compares attributes like height, width, weight, colour, marking and labelling. After that, they make sure the product doesn’t have any functional defects.

Safety Test: The third-party inspectors have two safety tests for the product batches. The first safety test looks for mechanical hazards like sharp edges, moving parts, etc. The second safety test is for electronic risks. This test is generally performed in any lab with special equipment.


These are all about the pre-shipment inspection. A pre-shipment review ensures that the product is ready for shipment. The customers also get the product in its best state. So, ask your nearest third-party inspection agency for this service and reach your customer with the best delight.

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