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Everything Banquet Execution Order (BEO) In Events Must Include

A banquet execution order is a type of contractual document that is developed by the event planners. This document is distributed among all the event teams and the important people involved in the planning and organizing of the event. The document ensures that everyone is on the same page and they know very well where they stand and what else they need to do.

The document is relevant to the event management team members and is also provided to the venue authorities to let them know what will be included in the event. This document is provided to the venue authorities once everything is finalized. As the BEO keeps changing and updating with each change in the event management plan. For many, these may seem unnecessary event management tasks, but in reality. Such documents are a must to prepare for successful event organizations. You must not include every detail in the BEO, but there are a few things that at mandatory to mention.

Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with the list of things that is mandatory to mention in the banquet execution order.

Top 6 Things You Must Include In the Event BEO

To make sure you meet your expectations and that what you have planned for the event is met at the end of the day, you need to prepare a BEO. This document will outline the list of tasks and their order and how they will be executed to help you achieve your goals. This document is not just limited to the details mentioned previously; there are several other things that are a must to add to the BEO.

Following are a few things that you need to mention in the banquet execution order of the event.

1. Staffing Requirements

One of the important things the event planners need to enlist in the BEO is their staff requirement. How many members are required and which members will be responsible for which tasks are a must to include for aligning your events? Hiring too many staff members is a waste of money, and hiring fewer members risks event task completion. However, the task completion always depends upon the skill set of the event team. This is why many people interested in organizing successful events consider the experts of event management companies in Dubai.

2. Food details

The BEO must also include the food details which include the menus and any dietary concerns. Keeping these important elements in the document, you will be able to identify which food items you necessarily need to provide at the event and which are a big no due to health concerns. Moreover, besides providing the details of the food items and the limitations, the documents should also include the service time to ensure there is no unnecessary delay in serving the food.

3. Space usage and room setup

How to utilize the venue space while making enough room for the tables, seating, décor, and technical tools is also a must to discuss early. One of the most important things that are a must to include in the banquet execution order is the space usage and room setup. Discussing these things in the document will help you avoid problems one faces in accommodating the guests due to poor seating arrangement and space usage.

4. Number of guests

The BEO document is not only useful for the event management team but this document is also provided to the venue authorities. They always demand the total list of people you will be accommodating to the venue and what changes and arrangements you will make to accommodate the guests. After you are done with your registrations and have an idea about the expected audience. You can make arrangements accordingly and let the venue authorities know about the total audience number.

5. Parking & Transportation

Describing and visualizing the flow of your guests after they have arrived is also very important to avoid any parking issues on the event day. The BEO document must include the rules for parking and where the guests should go after they have parked their vehicles. This way, your events become more organized. And you do not have to send the entire team to deal with the parking issues leaving other important tasks at risk.

6. Event Diagram

The explanation of the room setup, the use of event amenities, and tools. And where they will be placed are important to mention. Without mentioning and planning for these arrangements, the implementation of your plans becomes impossible. The banquet execution order importantly includes the event diagram providing an overview of the event arrangements. It is a must to visualize the event before the event day to maximize the chances of its success. You can always consider hiring event management companies in Dubai to help you organize events keeping all the necessary steps in mind for ensured success.

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