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Cross-Entropy – Difference between Cross-Entropy Error and Double Cross-Entropy 




Cross-entropy is a means from the ground of data proposition, constructing upon entropy and commonly computing the difference between two probability distributions. It’s nearly communed to but is different from KL divergence which calculates the relative entropy between two probability distributions, whereas cross-entropy can be supposed to calculate the complete entropy between the distributions.

Entropy is defined as the lowest average encoding size per transmission with which a source can transmit a dispatch to a destination efficiently and without misplacing any data. Entropy can be defined mathematically by applying the probability allocation expressed as H.

Cross-entropy is also related to and again and again, confused with logistic loss, called log loss. Although the two means are understood from a different source, when exercised as loss functions for category models, both means calculate an equal amount and can be applied interchangeably. It builds upon the idea of information proposition entropy and measures the difference between two probability distributions for a presented aimless variable/ set of occasions.

Bracket tasks that have just two tags for the output variable are appertained to as binary classification problems, whereas those cases with further than two tags are appertained to as categorical or multi-class classification problems.

Cross entropy can be related to both binary and multi-class classification problems.

  •  Binary cross-entropy

Learn more about  binarycrossentropy  

  • Multi-class / categorical cross-entropy

We use it for multi-class bracket problems.

 Its Need  

Machine learning and deep learning models are typically utilized to answer regression and classification problems. In a supervised literacy problem,  the model learns how to collude the input to the pragmatic probability output. As we formerly know, the model adjusts its parameters incrementally during the training phase of supervised learning . So that forecasting gets near to nearly anticipated values.

Cross-Entropy Loss Function 

Cross-entropy loss is the most favorite function used in machine learning or deep learning classification. After all, it helps determine the delicacy of our model in numerical values . – 0s and 1s, which we can latterly prize the probability chance from.

There are, of course, other loss functions that can help us conclude a problem. We must feature that any function that holds the introductory property of being advanced for worse results . And, lowered for better results can be a loss function.

These loss functions are relatively important as they help us ameliorate the delicacy of our models significantly.

Difference between Cross-Entropy error and Binary Cross-entropy 

The introductory ideas of cross-entropy error and binary cross-entropy error are fairly simple. But they’re frequently a source of confusion for inventors who are new to machine literacy . Because of the numerous matters related to how the two figures of entropies are applied.

First, there’s a common cross-entropy error, which is employed to measure the contrast between two sets of two or further values that add to1.0. Put more directly, it measures the difference between a correct probability distribution and a prognosticated distribution.


Here, we learned about cross entropy, need of cross entropy , cross entropy as loss function . Also, the difference between  error and binary cross-entropy .

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