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Considerations When Choosing A Floor Lamps

Most floor lamps are categorized by their fixtures. The common models are: 1) a spotlight trolley which allows you to aim light in one direction, 2) a spotlight golv lamp which illuminates everything below it, and 3) an array of shaded lamps which combine multiple light sources into a single fixture. Each type offers its own advantages so you should carefully consider what your room needs and what type of lighting works best with that room’s aesthetic. If, for example, you have dark furniture or hardwood floors, then up-lighting (lamps that cast down light on surfaces below them) is ideal because it casts natural shadows on those dark elements.

Living Room (Warm)

Spotlight floor lamps are ideal for a living room with a lot of ambient light. Instead of creating dark shadows, these lamps will highlight specific objects in your room. As you’ll see below, they’re also quite elegant when paired with an antique-style chandelier (and vice versa). If you’re looking to give your rooms more character, a Spotlights floor lamp is a perfect option.

Bedroom (Cozy)

Bedroom (Cozy)

Avoid dark-colored floor lamps here. The room has plenty of natural light, which you can use with white shades that reflect light up onto walls and ceiling. Put a lamp on each side of your dining room table, which is best set in front of a large window. Avoid putting a lamp directly in front of your face when sitting at a table – it’ll be too bright! Place lamps nearby, but not directly above.

Dining Room (Bright)

If your dining room is bright, perhaps with windows on more than one wall, look for a floor lamp with an adjustable neck. That way you can turn it toward each window and control how much ambient light fills a space. For more focused task lighting, look for lamps that throw concentrated beams of light. If you need both ambience and task lighting in your dining room, try using two lamps—one ambient, one directional—instead of one multipurpose lamp.

Outdoor Garden

Some floor lamps are designed specifically for outdoor use. These can withstand harsher weather and they often come in black or a dark neutral color, which won’t be as noticeable if they’re left out year-round. They also have a heavier base so they won’t blow over easily when exposed to gusts of wind. If you’re planning on bringing your floor lamp outside during certain seasons, consider an outdoor variety.

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