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Black technologies in the world’s largest floating solar power station

Part 1

Special module experimental fields, scientific and technological innovation incubation bases, unmanned aerial vehicle inspections … When it comes to the technological innovation of the Three Gorges New Energy, the 150,000 kilowatt water surface floating photovoltaic project (hereinafter referred to as the Huainan project) in Huainan, Anhui Province, the builders can list many key words. What are the “black technologies” in the world’s largest floating pv power station?
Recently, when the Huainan project reached full capacity, the reporter went to the scene to find out them.Black technologies in the world's largest floating solar power station“Science and technology innovation is the core, and grasping the science and technology innovation will hold the ‘bull nose’ for the overall development.” The leader of Huainan project said: “As the world’s largest photovoltaic project on water, the construction of the project adopts new advanced technologies and materials at home,, and always leads the development direction of the photovoltaic power generation industry, the technological upgrading of the entire photovoltaic industry, the new model of comprehensive management and utilization of coal mining subsidence areas, and the floating photovoltaic power plant construction operation and maintenance standards as construction goals. ”

Part 2

Floating body and anchoring system are very stable.

At the Huainan project site, we see that rows of PV arrays quietly floated on the lake surface, and the inspectors walked on the floating body, which was very stable and did not sway as expected. “It all benefits from the design of our floating body and anchoring system!” Said Zhang Xubao, a staff member of the Huainan project.

It is understood that floating PV power stations mainly include photovoltaic modules, electrical equipment and floating PV platform. As the foundation of the entire equipment, the safety and stability of the floating foundation platform—the floating body and the anchoring system—are particularly important.

Due to the fact that the floating PV anchoring system on the water is a new form, the lack of empirical tests in China, and the complicated underwater hydrological conditions in the coal mining subsidence area, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power station during its life cycle, Three Gorges New Energy Huainan Photovoltaic Power Generation Co., Ltd. actively introduces technical teams such as scientific research institutions and marine engineering companies to collect environmental factors such as meteorology, hydrology, and terrain of the project location, analyze the main factors affecting the safety and stability of floating square arrays, and select mainstream floating body products in the market.

And then, series of model are used to calculate and professionally check the technical parameters of its product to ensure that the anchoring system design can meet the stable and safe operation of the power station under extreme weather conditions and water environment. On this basis, we integate the anchoring system organically with freezing, flood control, and fire protection.

So far, the Huainan project has withstood the 30-cm-thickest blizzard in January 2018 and the typhoon ‘Capricorn’ in August, which brought extreme weather tests such as a force of 11 wind of 17.2 meters per second and heavy rain, Zhang Xubao said.

Part 3

The commissioning of floating PV system on water

In the Huainan project, an independent water area is particularly prominent. That is a “5 MW special module experimental field” that we developed separately by the Huainan Floating Solar Project. The photovoltaic modules here include single crystal PERC, HIT, double-sided N-type single crystal, lamination and other types. Through field practical applications, the comprehensive efficiency and reliability of different modules and equipment systems are compared and analyzed, and an empirical comparison with the comprehensive performance of the ground power station is made to select the most suitable module for the floating PV project on water.

The field staff told reporters: “Huainan’s floating PV project has huge demand for the modules, and provides an excellent test platform for the trial of various new modules. We study the efficiency and reliability of different types of modules in the actual operating environment to provide technical support for subsequent photovoltaic project development and industry technology development. ”

At the same time, the Huainan Project Company also made brand promotion with an independent innovation research platform. “We are setting up an innovation laboratory and building an aquatic scientific research and operation and maintenance platform, combining advanced equipment and modern technical means, to achieve a series of functions such as technical innovation of power stations, safety monitoring, and monitoring of aquatic environment.” Zhang Xubao said.

Part 4

According to reports, the Huainan Project Company will work hard to build a water surface scientific and technological innovation incubation institution jointly promoted by local and enterprises through this research platform. At present, the project has become a long-term practice base for schools such as Tsinghua University.

“We not only do technology, but also standards”, the site leader of Huainan project said. In order to fully grasp the technical standards and specifications of the floating body industry at home and abroad, Three Gorges New Energy Huainan Photovoltaic Power Generation Co., Ltd. conducted in-depth field surveys of floating solar power farms and floating solar platform manufacturers with a certain scale in China, and went to Singapore and Japan for physical floating power station inspections. At the same time, in cooperation with the National Photovoltaic Quality Inspection Center, China Quality Certification Center and domestic floating body manufacturers, we drafted and completed the technical standards document for the supervision and production of the floating body, and monitored the whole process from the raw materials, production, transportation, and on-site inspection of the floating body.

Nowadays, technological innovation has made the wings of the Huainan project more plump. This power station will become not only a green business card for Huainan’s economic development, but also a technological monument for water surface photovoltaic construction. https://www.bosch-solar.com



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