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Best Ways to Protect Businesses From Burglars

UK Security Solutions

Following a burglary, it’s common to practise needing to replace stolen goods, fix the damaged property, and temporarily close the business for an investigation and repairs. Or to put it another way, thefts can be very bad for your business. Furthermore, you need to pay attention because there’s a good chance that your business will be targeted. Burglaries occur more frequently than most of us care to consider, and any company that doesn’t take the necessary security measures runs the risk of becoming the next victim. 8.8% of small businesses reported being the target of burglaries, according to a survey by the insurance provider. According to the same survey, when a business is the victim of a burglary, owners frequently incur out-of-pocket costs of hundreds of pounds.

UK security solutions has a variety of ways to deter burglars from wreaking havoc on your business and your bottom line, or at the very least make it more difficult for them to do so.

An alarm and monitors

The simplest way to help protect your company from burglary is probably to have a dependable alarm system and monitor set up. You can install some extremely reliable systems without the help of a professional, but you might decide that the convenience and security of having professionals install your equipment outweigh the cost. Use a system that combines video surveillance with accessible monitors so you can spot any suspicious activity.

Doors and Windows

What level of security do your business’s doors and windows have? If a common criminal tried to pick or break the lock, would it make a scene? Are the locks reliable, or could they be broken fairly easily? On the State Farm Insurance website, it is stated that “burglar-resistant glazing can be used to cover exterior windows, giving the appearance of glass while enhancing security.”

“Learn more about glazing by talking to security professional. Many window locks are straightforward latches that can be preyed open. More secure window locks are available; inquire with a locksmith or security provider.”

The world’s largest insurer advises using doors made of solid-core wood or metal and making sure they fit snugly into the doorframe.

Lighting (Interior and exterior)

Before the doors and windows become a problem, you might be able to stop a burglary if you have adequate lighting (both inside and outside). Naturally, since these thieves don’t want to be seen, they will be less likely to try to break in if the light will shine on them.

Put your outdoor lighting on a timer or purchase sensor light switches that turn on at night and shut off in the morning. Make sure that lights are place where it will be challenging for burglars to break them and that they continue to function. To replace any that burn out or break, always keep extra bulbs on hand. Don’t be reluctant to call an electrician if you are experiencing electrical problems.

Remove Covert Places

Check the area around your building to see if there are any spots where criminals could easily hide if it is within your power. Speak with those who influence the situation if you share a space with others and have safety concerns in this area. Explain why certain changes would help make everyone safer.


A good insurance policy is something you should have. Having the appropriate insurance can significantly impact your ability to recover from the crime with the least amount of pain if you do experience a burglary despite your best efforts to deter criminals. Compare your options to find the strategy that will work best for you.

Install safety equipment

Alarm systems and surveillance cameras are both powerful burglar deterrents. Cameras document suspicious or criminal activity and aid in locating the perpetrators. Alarm systems alert the police after a break-in and decrease theft because they make criminals flee more quickly. particularly with trustworthy alarm responses. Criminals frequently set off an alarm without actually entering the building, then wait and time the reaction to see how it will react.

Post security warnings

It often serves as a deterrent to having security devices accompanied by obvious signage alerting people to the presence of cameras and alarm systems. Furthermore, due to COVID-19, numerous businesses are urge to close down temporarily. It is advise that you post a sign saying “No Cash On Premises” if this applies to you to deter any potential intruders.

Employ security personnel

It can be very effective to prevent break-ins when security personnel are present. Security officers receive specialised training in emergency response techniques if burglaries do happen.

Final Words

Protecting your company is important, even though it takes time and effort. Burglaries have a negative and frequently long-lasting impact on businesses. It’s crucial to have in-depth knowledge of the checklist and guide for protecting your business.

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