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Digital Marketing

Best SEO Guide for Blockchain Companies

There’s a good chance that if you manage a website or are just starting out with a  crypto pr firm project, you’ve read about the advantages of using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to draw in new customers and retain existing ones. This article provides information on selecting the appropriate keywords, producing helpful content, and controlling your internet reputation. You may increase your visitor count and increase brand recognition in your target market by implementing these straightforward methods.

1) Meta Tags

Although this suggestion may sound dated, we would be negligent to leave it out. On every page of your website, make sure the meta description tags are correctly written and keyword-rich.

These descriptions will be used by Google to display snippets on search engine results pages and even on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, if you want someone to click on one of your links, you must ensure that they are aware of what they will receive before they do. If the meta tags appropriately represent the content of a link, they can also help Google rank your website higher in its results.

2) Tag for Description

You may explain to search engines why your material is relevant and what consumers can expect from it by using the description element, which is crucial. However, avoid just restating your title tag’s keywords. Instead, develop a succinct statement that provides a sneak peek of the content readers might expect to find on your website.

Because users can more readily decide if they like what they see without having to visit your page, this can enhance click-through rates. Additionally, Google’s Page Layout algorithm will utilise these cues to evaluate how much text is visible on each page of your website and use them as a ranking factor.

3) Header Tags

Because of its capacity to read and explore web pages, Google is frequently referred to as a spider. Google need something known as header tags to accomplish that. The HTML header, which may be seen at the top of a page, instructs search engines what data should be present on that page and in what order. Consider header tags as a guide explaining to Google how to crawl your website.

4) Alt tags for images

Although the majority of search engines can’t understand photos, alt tags offer useful information. They can read text that is related to images, though. Therefore, if you include SEO advice in the content of your website together with a picture of a tree, search engines will be able to crawl that text and comprehend what it is about (after all, it is SEO advise!). Make sure each image has the proper alt tags.

5) The Value of Keyword Analysis

There are various helpful free keyword research tools as well as programmes like Google AdWords that you may employ. These free tools include Wordtracker, Overture Search Term Tool, and Keyword Explorer. You should be able to find useful keywords to include in your text by using these services.

6) Link Development

Any website that wishes to rank highly in search results will benefit from acquiring high-quality backlinks because Google places a lot of weight on inbound links from reputable domains.

This can seem like an uphill struggle because it’s difficult to know where to look or who to approach for these sought-after links, but some planning and research will help to ensure that your link-building efforts start off on the right foot.

Here are a few strategies for how blockchain businesses can get high-quality backlinks:

In your niche, look for websites. Finding websites about bitcoin investing would be a fantastic place to start looking for prospective sources of high-quality backlinks if your company offers services to cryptocurrency investors. If there are certain crypto trading or investing websites that already have high search engine rankings but few outbound links, you might also get in touch with them personally.

Once they’re published online, obtaining a fresh link from one of these reputable websites could give your rankings a significant boost for a variety of keywords and phrases.

It goes without saying that you should spread out your outbound links among a variety of useful content sources, including directories, forums, and blogs from related industries.

7) Use of social media

Social media integration is becoming a need for the success of blockchain businesses, not just a nice-to-have. Despite the fact that the well-known social media platforms Facebook and Twitter are both owned by independent businesses that do not directly profit from user interaction with blockchain startups, they nonetheless merit your attention for two reasons:

(1) They offer a productive means of disseminating information and making announcements without having to pay a third party.

(2) They are able to establish a personal connection with your intended audience.

8)Video marketing

While you may believe that your company largely relies on text or images, it’s crucial to take into account the potential impact that video can have on marketing initiatives. Consumers now anticipate high-quality production and content across all marketing channels.

Including videos in your marketing strategy may strengthen your message, humanise your business, and establish a stronger connection with both present and new clients.

The first step is to decide what kind of video will suit your marketing requirements the best. How long should it be? What kinds of files would you like to upload? When you’ve worked it out, don’t cut any corners when writing a persuasive post that will engage readers from beginning to end.


Recently, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of blockchain businesses on the internet as their popularity grows. These 8 SEO pointers will show you how to master search engine optimization and help your business rule the blockchain sector (SEO).

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