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Health and Fitness

Best Cancer Doctor in Delhi 

top cancer doctors in Delhi

Cancer is a life-threatening medical condition and a complicated health condition that can take years to grow. Therefore, in many cases, the disease stays undiagnosed for a long time, and people only get to know about it in the last stages.  

Although the diagnosis of cancer in its early stages is vital to cure the disease completely, treatments and therapies are available to treat this disease, but only if you start the treatment in its early stages. In addition, cancer symptoms can be very light and different in men and women, especially in the early stages. Therefore, you should know about its symptoms properly to understand and ask for help timely. 

Suppose you are wondering whether you have cancer or not. What you should do is read on. Here we will tell you everything about cancer and why you should visit the top cancer doctors in Delhi. 

What is Cancer? 

Before we give you the details about cancer and when to see a doctor, let us briefly tell you what cancer is. Increasing awareness of cancer, its symptoms, and treatment can save many lives. It would help to consider visiting the top cancer doctors in Delhi to get the best treatments. 

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that causes cysts or tumors in the beginning. In simple words, cancer is the abnormal growth of malignant tumor cells. But you should remember every abnormal cell growth is not cancerous. The benign and pre-cancerous tumor cells are not cancerous. Only malignant tumor cells are cancerous. 

Types of Cancer 

Various types of cancer can affect the human body. Here are some of them listed below. 

  • Brain cancer 
  • Lung cancer 
  • Skin cancer 
  • Blood cancer 
  • Bladder cancer 
  • Uterine Cancer 
  • Neck cancer, mouth cancer etc.  

Symptoms of Cancer 

Diagnosing cancer in its early stages and starting the treatment in time is very important to prevent this life-threatening disease successfully. Because the recovery rate is high if the diagnosis and treatment are given in the early stages, one should have the proper idea about its symptoms to prevent this disease as early as possible. Here are the common symptoms of giving below.  

  • Pain – Pain is a common symptom of cancer. A recent pain which is also persistent can be an early symptom of cancer. Persistent pain without any reason can indicate cancer. This symptom is more visible in neck and brain cancer. Breast and bone cancer can also cause this symptom.  
  • Sudden weight loss – A sudden and unintentional weight loss can also be a part of cancer symptoms. The unwanted weight loss can indicate cancer, especially in the pancreas, lung, oesophagus or stomach.  
  • Bleeding – Bleeding can be a significant cancer symptom, like bleeding while coughing and blood with urine or stool. Blood with cough can indicate throat and lung cancer. Blood with urine can mean kidney, bladder, or uterine cancer in women’s cervix. Blood with stool can indicate rectal or colon cancer. Also, this kind of bleeding can be caused by other non-cancerous factors like internal injury, infection etc. 
  • Fatigue – Fatigue is also a vital symptom of cancer. If you are feeling too tired lately and the tiredness increases day by it can also indicate cancer. This is a bit tricky symptom to understand but also a common symptom in different types of cancer like leukaemia, colon and stomach.  
  • Lumps – Cancerous tumours or malignant tumours sometimes can be felt through the skin like lumps. This unnatural lump can also be a symptom of cancer. 
  • Change in skin tissues – Sudden change in the skin can be a symptom of cancer (skin cancer). 
  • Neurological problems – Neurological disorders and problems can also signify cancer. This is mainly caused by brain cancer or glioblastoma.  


The top doctors in Delhi will suggest different kinds of treatment, from medication, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, stem transplant, targeted therapy, etc., according to the type of cancer and its current stage. But you should not worry unnecessarily because your recovery chances are high if you start the treatment promptly.  

When to visit the doctor? 

If you have the symptoms above and feel something is wrong, you should immediately make an appointment with a cancer specialist. But it would help if you always chose the top cancer doctor in India for quality treatment. There are many cancer specialists in Delhi, and you should immediately seek medical help if you find any symptoms.  

Because if you reach out to the cancer specialist doctor in Delhi NCR, you will also be able to get the treatments timely.  

So, if you are facing cancer-related symptoms, you must contact Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma, one of the top cancer doctors in Delhi and seek medical help. 

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