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Bar Stool Trends to Try & How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

Looking for bar stool ideas and trends? You came to the right place! 

The bar stool is a common fixture in bars, restaurants, and clubs all around the world.

But have you given any thought to the impact a stylish bar stool might have on your house?

Make sure you select the appropriate bar stools! How often have you sat down at a bar only to discover that the stool is either too tall, too short, difficult to move, or simply uncomfortable? Since it’s only a chair, you’d assume it would be simple to choose the appropriate ones, but if you’ve ever experienced bar stool discomfort, you’ll quickly find there’s more to picking the perfect ones than you might believe.


There are plenty of possibilities available if you make a simple search. You’ll immediately feel It quickly becomes overwhelming, and I believe that many people would prefer to just close their eyes and choose one at random while crossing their fingers that it would turn out okay.


In this post, we’ll share with you a guide on what bar stools you can buy and some trends you need to try in your home. 


Bar Stool Guide: How to Find the Right One

white wooden table with chairs

There are four basic factors to keep in mind when choosing bar stools for your kitchen: height and size, back or backless, materials, and style.


Size and Height


I should emphasize that when we talk about size, we mean the width, depth, and overall height of the stool and that when We talk about height, I mean how high the seat is off the ground.


You don’t actually get to choose the height of your stool, so allow me to simplify the first portion for you. Your counters certainly. As a general rule, you should choose a counter height stool if your island or peninsula countertop is the same height as the rest of your counters. You should choose a bar height seat if your raised countertop is higher than everything else.


One rule I wouldn’t violate is this one. Nobody, in my opinion, seems to appreciate using a bar stool on a countertop that is of standard height. You have to stoop down to rest your elbows or eat a meal since you can’t cross your legs. You feel like a small child at the adult table if your stool is too short for the countertop height. Not good.


Generally speaking, counter height stools range in height from 23 to 28 inches, whereas bar height stools range in height from 29 to 32 inches. The distance between the seat and countertop top should be roughly 10″.


If you want more stools at the counter, consider choosing ones that are on the smaller side. When it comes to the size of the bar stool, think about how many you want to have and how big your seating space is. You need to have 6″ to 10″ between each stool so that everyone has comfortable and doesn’t bump elbows.


Backless or With Back


If you anticipate spending a lot of time sitting down or for longer periods of time, a stool with a back may be the better option. If you live in a small apartment, for instance, your only dining place might be that bar area, therefore you might want seating that looks like dining chairs. For a recent client of mine, that was the situation, therefore we opted for stools with backs.


If your home has an open floor plan and your dining area and kitchen are connected, you might want to think about something low profile (no back), as there are probably already a number of chairs blocking your view. We chose some straightforward stools that entirely tuck under the countertop and don’t compete with our dining chairs because that is how things are set up in our house.


The back/backless factor is more about considering how you live, how your home is organised, and how much time your bum will be sitting there than it is about following rigid rules.




This is another situation where your lifestyle will largely determine which path you take.


Do you value having things that require less upkeep and cleaning? The best option might be a chair made entirely of wood or metal. Leather or a seat cushion covered in a stain-resistant fabric may be a good option if you want a little bit more padding but still need the easy-cleaning feature. Alternatively, if comfort is your primary concern, you might select a stool with an upholstered seat and back.


Being truthful with yourself about the furnishings that suit how you actually live in your home—not how you would like to—is crucial.




Bar stools are available in every conceivable size, hue, and design. I purposely placed style at the bottom of this list of factors to take into account when selecting your bar stools because you should pick something that will work well in your kitchen before you fall in love with something that won’t!


There is something out there for everyone, regardless of your personal style—modern, minimalist, or classic. You’ll be able to rapidly filter through all the alternatives that appear under the style you want and come up with a list of finalists once you’ve determined what you need in terms of size/height, back, and materials.


Popular Materials for Bar Stools


Your bar stool set’s material selection can significantly affect how it looks as a whole. See the two popular materials we like for the home bar in the following paragraphs.


Transparent and Clear Bar Stools


Be on the lookout for designs with clear acrylic seats or legs to make a sleek, contemporary statement. Choose a design with high-gloss metallic legs to add a bit of glitz, or adopt the trend more gently by combining a classic leather seat with a see-through base.


Furniture that is transparent or clear allows the eye to easily travel through it, taking up little visible room and being perfect for compact rooms.


Grainy Wood Finishes


The use of rustic, grainy wood for bar stool frames and seats is one of our favourite design trends. Deep wood grains, live edges, and distressed slab seats may be incorporated into almost any design to give any space a natural, earthy appearance.


Include wooden components that are unpolished or damaged for a more rustic appearance. Aesthetic for stools that combine glossy wood finishes with high-gloss metals or svelte leather seats if you prefer a more contemporary look.


Popular Bar Stool Designs

gray metal island table near white wooden kitchen cabinet

Do you prefer simple, rustic designs or rough, industrial ones? What about traditional mid-century design? Regardless of your own taste, you may discover a bar stool set that is perfectly suited to it. Which of these three popular bar stool designs would you pick?


Industrial Bar Stools


Bar stools in the industrial style offer the ideal amount of tough masculinity without losing style or finesse. To create an eclectic industrial style, combine a set of industrial bar stools with other industrial furnishings or with diverse designs. If you’re into industrial design, you can consider art deco bar stools for your interior. 


Mid-Century Bar Stools


It’s no wonder that bar stools and counter stools are sporting the mid-century modern aesthetic because the design is popular in homes all over the world. By selecting bar stools with splayed dowel legs, curved lines, and Eames chair-inspired seats, you can give your room a distinctively mid-century aesthetic.


Simple Scandinavian Bar Stools


Simple composition, natural materials, and a restrained colour palette are the hallmarks of Scandinavian design. Choose bar stools with simple silhouettes that put utility over form and search for ones upholstered in natural materials like linen and cotton.


Farmhouse Style Stools


Since farmhouse-style furniture is extremely popular in the world of home design, it should come as no surprise that many bar stools will be decorated in the farmhouse style. To achieve this rustic-romantic style, opt for worn woods and natural finishes.








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