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app companies in Dublin Grow your business with a mobile app

app companies in Dublin Grow your business with a mobile app

For the prosperity of a company in our time, the digital strategy plays a decisive role. The internet has made the world into a global village. It is so ingrained in our habits that to have visibility, companies are increasingly focusing their efforts on digital marketing app companies in Dublin. The new trend is the development of mobile applications for brand visibility. Do you plan to give a new dimension to your structure? Discover in this article how to develop your business through the creation of a mobile app companies in Dublin.

Why create app companies in Dublin to grow your business?

In the past, companies ensured their visibility through websites, which are showcases par excellence for presenting products and services. Smartphones had not yet experienced their current boom. Tracking businesses online meant surfing the web via a computer and visiting websites with all the risks that entailed. Certain problems such as the configuration of certain websites, the density of information, or the speed of the internet connection did not allow the Internet user to obtain the information or the services desired.

It was, therefore, necessary to have a technological tool that meets the expectations of the user while improving the client-company relationship. Indeed, permanent contact between brands and Internet users strengthens ties and creates a climate of trust. From then on, thanks to the ingenuity of the developers, you now have mobile app development ireland in order to be always present for your customers and subscribers.

Today, habits have changed a lot. With the proliferation of smartphones and mobile services, users have less and less the reflex to go to websites for information or to buy. According to statistics, at least one in five teenagers spends more than four hours a day on their phones. Adults also rarely part with their mobile phones, which have become the tool of choice for the vast majority of users. We have all become mobile users and thus potential customers for your company if you adapt your services to this new reality.

The best way to reach Internet users in order to offer them your services is therefore to develop a mobile application. No matter where the customer is, he must have the possibility to obtain the information he needs or to make the purchase he wants. Unlike websites, some mobile applications do not necessarily require an internet connection to function.

Take for example a company that sells decorative items. To give more visibility to this company, you have the possibility of reaching a wider audience through a mobile app companies in Dublin. The latter could present your catalog of items and the different decoration choices available to customers. Smartphone users have the opportunity to easily discover your items, make their choice, and place orders with ease. It must be said that Internet users are constantly looking for applications that will make their lives easier. With a mobile application, your company presents itself in one click and the prospect can place his order.

There is nothing more effective and faster today than a mobile application to facilitate the interaction between customer and seller. You won’t be constantly at the prospect’s bedside telling them about the benefits of your products. The mobile application becomes the ideal interface that takes care of defending your cause with customers.

A mobile application is of great importance in the marketing strategy of companies today, as it allows them to have a virtual representation accessible to the user anywhere and at any time. Facebook, Instagram, banking and money transfer applications are all examples that should encourage your company to develop its own mobile application.

How to create your mobile application?

To create your mobile application, you must take into account your expectations, the target to be reached, and of course the budget you have for its design. The mobile application is the showcase of your company. For it to bear fruit, it must reflect your needs and ideally represent your values.

The creation of a mobile application is based on computer codes. The design is overwhelmingly up to the developers. The design, presentation, headings, and options are quite complex to configure for a layman. Mobile applications work with algorithms and codes of which only insiders have the secret. As a company, to succeed in creating a mobile application, the wise choice to make is to contact a structure that is truly specialized in the creation of applications. However, you have the possibility to create your own application following processes pre-established by reference sites. These are platforms that set up editors allowing you to create a mobile application without any technical knowledge in the matter. From choosing the design to publishing your app online, design is quite playful.

It is also possible to contact a freelance developer for the design. The last option offers fewer guarantees. Indeed, with an agency, you save yourself the risk of having a mobile application delivered that does not meet your needs. The majority of agencies accompany the delivery with a follow-up over a given period. Before thinking about creating an application, you must be able to know the different types that exist and which one is best suited for your needs.

What are the different types of mobile applications?

Depending on your budget and your target in relation to your digital strategy, you have the choice between three types of mobile applications:

  • native apps,
  • web apps,
  • hybrid apps.

Native apps are actually the most complex and expensive mobile apps to create. They are designed with an operating system that allows them to work even when offline. She is at the cutting edge of technology. The advantage with this type of application is that your customers, even if they run out of a DATA package, can still get the service they need. It should be noted that the native application can have access to all the features of the smartphone such as the camera, the gallery, the multimedia player, geolocation, and many others.

Mobile web applications are only accessible with an internet connection through links. However, they are compatible with different operating systems even if they have difficulty adapting to all screens. They consist of coding and markup languages ​​like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Finally, hybrid mobile applications, are a combination of the first two as already indicated by its name. They are designed using standard technologies in the domain and do not work offline. They are also compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

The target: an important element for the creation of your application

You do not create an application just to appear in the list of mobile applications available for download on the Google Play or Apple Store platforms. Indeed, your mobile app must have a precise target and a well-defined objective.

Whatever the purpose of your application, whether it is for entertainment, information or education, you will need to determine beforehand

the target for which it is intended. Depending on the target, you will have an idea of ​​the aspect that the application should take and in which direction to direct the communication around it to offer it more visibility.

The budget: a significant aspect during the creation process

The creation of an application like any other project requires financial means. The more complex the technology to be used, the more expensive the design. An application, available on all operating systems and adaptable to all screens, is necessarily more budget intensive than a simple mobile web application.

Moreover, to give visibility to the application, you will have to spend on communication through sponsorships. The possibility of involving influential personalities in order to propel the application should not be overlooked. There is no point in having an application if your potential customers are unaware of its existence.

The budget occupies an important place in the process of creating the application. Indeed, you certainly do not have the skills to create a mobile application yourself. You absolutely need a service provider who will take care of the design. This service, you will agree, will certainly not be free, hence the preparation of a substantial budget.

The app is a reflection of your business. If it is not up to date and has too many weaknesses, the user will not want to browse it and therefore it will be a loss of revenue for your business. The credibility of your business will take a hit and it is never favorable for profitability.

Therefore, you must consult the best developers with the necessary financial means so that your mobile application is developed and that it meets both your needs and those of your customers. The goal is not to satisfy oneself, but that the user obtains a satisfactory result.

The mobile application for permanent contact with your customers

A business thrives when it has a diverse customer base that instinctively turns to it when the need arises. You certainly have a business plan that you follow religiously to grow your business. The management of a company in the digital age is done according to current standards. It will be difficult for you to stand out without an effective digital strategy.

The creation of a mobile application is part of the digital strategy to adopt for permanent contact with customers. By equipping your company with a mobile application, you have the possibility:

  • to give more visibility to your activity through a permanent information flow,
  • to promote and improve your services,
  • to hold a large database of information (email address, geolocation, telephone contact) generated by the application following a download,
  • improve the customer-seller relationship during interactions while building loyalty,
  • to ensure a permanent watch to respond promptly to the services requested.

According to statistics, in July 2021, the world has more than 5.7 billion mobile phone users, which is 68% of the world’s population. Mobile devices are running at full speed with powerful mobile apps. You can thus imagine your business with 5.7 billion potential customers since access to the application is within everyone’s reach.

The creation of a mobile application allows you to optimize your services and offer you a channel favorable to customer loyalty. If the customer is satisfied every time when

they refer to your application for a transaction, the reputation of your company will be even better. In business, you will agree that the image of the company is very important. A business with a bad reputation has very little chance of growing.

The mobile application for an optimal digital strategy at the service of your business

We are in a century where digital technology has become an essential weapon in the quest for new markets. A well-thought-out and executed digital strategy allow you to win new customers even when you are not working. Everything is set up so that your services are permanently available to the user. The most important thing is to ensure its online presence so that the system works even when you are idle.

In France, the mobile has since 2016 become the first internet connection screen. The number of mobile users continues to increase. As a result, you are doing a great job by focusing your digital strategy on the creation of a mobile application. The dream of every entrepreneur is to grow their business. Digital marketing and all digital tools allow you to quickly achieve your goals if the strategy is well adapted. The profitability of the mobile application must be taken into account.

A digital strategy that does not include the development of a mobile application is much less likely to succeed. The online presence of your company brings you closer to your target and allows you to constantly improve your offers. Apart from social networks and websites, you benefit from a huge advantage by opting for a mobile application as part of your digital strategy. It’s almost a necessity given the proliferation of smartphones.

If it is obvious that the creation of a mobile application opens the doors of prosperity for your company, the creative process is the point on which the viability of the project rests. Whether it’s freelance developers or agencies or specialized websites, you have solutions to create a high-performance and profitable mobile application. Growing your business doesn’t have to be a worry anymore, and a mobile app is just what you need to boost your business.

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