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All Necessary Information About Fire Hose Reel 

As a result, investing in all of these assets will ensure the business’s survival. Then the workplace must be adequately equipped with appropriate safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, and a fire hose reel. As a result, this essay will concentrate on the advantages of fire hose reels and their involvement in fire safety measures.

You should never be overconfident that your workplace is fire-safe. Always keep in mind that the office contains critical assets for the company, such as equipment and the people that work there. All of these things, as well as people, must be kept secure. 

What is a fire hose reel?

Before delving into the advantages of using hose reels in the fluid dispense system. We’ll define a hose reel for those who aren’t familiar with them.

Fire hose reel manufacturers In China claim that a hose reel is a cylindrical spool made of metal, plastic, or fiberglass. That is used to neatly wrap up a dispensing hose. There are many varieties of hose reels within the family:

  1. Manual: The hose is wound manually by turning a crank on the reel’s side.
  2. Automatic: also known as spring-loaded, the hose is wound mechanically by the action of the spring.
  3. Electric: An electric motor rolls and uncoils the hose. They are frequently used in big-capacity reels that require hoses with large diameters or lengthy lengths. They use chargers by Best Mosa cream chargers supplier.

Hose reels are often classified based on the diameter and length of the hose. The operating pressure of the fluid, and the kind of operation. They are often put in permanent positions, such as above, on walls, vehicles, or on movable carts.

Hose reels are available for a wide range of fluids (oil, water, grease, diesel, DEF, gasoline, chemicals, and so on) and applications (vehicle maintenance, cleaning industry, etc.) Depending on the application and the fluid to be dispensed. A reel with a larger or smaller fluid input and exit can be selected to meet the dispensing requirements.

The pressure at which the fluid passes through the hose must also be considered in order to select the correct reel and operate safely and reliably.

Why use a hose reel?

After discussing the function of a hose reel, we will look at the advantages of employing one:

  • Increased productivity: Having the hose reel centrally situated allows for rapid and simple fluid distribution.
  • Reduces wear: Most fluid hoses are composed of rubber and will wear out over time. Allowing a vehicle or piece of equipment to roll over the hose will result in damage and premature wear. Using a hose reel will significantly enhance the life of the hose and decrease the expense of premature hose replacement.
  • Safety: Once the hose has been utilized, it is rolled up and stowed out of the way to avoid safety dangers that might lead to major accidents.
  • Efficient: It makes hose and fluid management and storage easier.

The benefits that we have just explained will result in significant savings of time, safety, and money, which is very important in a work environment.

Types of fire hose reel

Fixed: The reel features a hose guide to avoid kinking or jamming while removing the hose and is placed on a wall with its axis at a right angle to the wall’s plane.

Swinging/Pivoted: The reel is supported by a swinging arm, enabling the entire reel to pivot in the direction the hose is pushed. This feature is excellent for vast open spaces since it speeds up deployment.

Sunken: Ideal for small spaces, the reel may be partially or completely recessed (and inside a cabinet). The reel pivots out of the recess and into the direction of usage as needed.

Types of operation

Manual valve: The most basic method of reel operation, this needs opening a main valve on the water supply pipe before withdrawing the tube. While these are less expensive to acquire, install, and maintain, they do need a greater level of knowledge and training.

Automatic valve: A supply valve inside the reel that is activated automatically by unwinding the reel is typical on recessed reels. These reels are significantly more operator friendly, although being slightly more expensive and hard to install and maintain.

Fire hose reels installation guide

Hose reel installation is a difficult task. The Australian government has particular regulations that must be met to guarantee that the equipment is properly installed and operational at all times. There are three major important criteria in general. The first is the Australian Standard for fire hose reel production and installation in Australia.

It specifies that 19 mm fire hoses must produce at least 0.45 liters of water per second. That must be connected to a 220 kPa pressure intake. It must be 36 meters long when fully expanded. When purchasing hose reels, ensure that they meet this requirement. The same is true when replacing pieces of an already existing assembly.

The second Australian Standard covers hose reel installation and sign placement. Consider the weight of the hose reel and the pressure of the water to ensure that the structure to which it is linked can support the assembly when in use.

The third standard addresses assembly maintenance. It mandates that fire hose reels be inspected every six months, with yearly reporting. Firefighting hose reels must only be used to battle fires and not for cleaning. Misuse can result in sanctions.

Benefits of using fire hose reels

You are incorrect if you believe that the purchase and installation of a hose reel are not worthwhile. In the next section, we will explain why using a hose reel for efficiency and safety makes sense.

Simple accessibility:

A hose reel in the workplace helps employees to swiftly approach the fire’s work area in the event of an accident. When a fire breaks out, you do not need to deploy a lengthy hose. The reel also provides a regulated stream of water to the fire sources.

However, prior to beginning this process, Fire Hose Reel Testing is required. A red long fire hose reel with a semi-rigid circular tube connected to the wall is widely used. As a result, it is widely used by firefighters all around the world. As a result, it is owing to the ease and convenience of entering the fire spot.

The valves can be automatic or manual:

Manual hose reels are often comparable to those used in the garden. Before you run out of the hose, you must open the gate valve so that water may enter the system. This will guarantee that the hose is free of frost and other problems that may be present. They hold water permanently in the case of automated valves. When the reel is empty, however, the automated valve saves time and effort since you simply need to twist off the hose reel nozzle for water to flow from the hose. This is thus great in an emergency.

Trusted old-school firefighting techniques:

Traditional firefighting methods are thought to be the finest. In this situation, fire hose reel testing is also included in this category. They are efficient in extinguishing fires in school fabric warehouses, wood shops, and businesses containing paper, cloth, carpet, and cardboard. It is critical to maintain the fire hose reel tidy and accessible.


Finally, the fire hose reel is still the most efficient piece of fire protection equipment in the world. The fire hose reel is designed to support the fire hoses and keep them neat and accessible in case of an emergency.

The preparation of the workers in the work area to handle such events is what ensures the workplace is safe from any fire catastrophe that may occur. The most often used fire hose reels are ones that are preferred globally and are suitable for a firm that deals with clothing, wood, and paper.


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