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Advanced Teaching Strategies to Hop on in this New Normal

  • The global education market will hike to $3191.79 billion in 2022. (The Business Research Company)
  • The Edtech market across the globe will hit 127.0 billion in 2022. (Grand View Research)
  • The Indian Edtech industry will reach $10.4 billion in value by 2025. (India Briefing)

How the global education and Edtech market is galloping is interesting.

As an educator in this high-tech world, you are undoubtedly searching for effective teaching strategies to dazzle your students.

And why wouldn’t you?

Because of the growing competition and technological adoption, the learning needs of students have shifted 360-degree.

The metamorphosed learning requirements have compelled teachers to adopt innovative teaching and classroom management strategies. There is another catch.

Implementing advanced technologies and strategies allows teachers to provide quality education.

For instance, if we consider the class 8 science syllabus, teachers must develop innovative ways to share knowledge with students.

While taking a class on microorganisms, teachers can present augmented bacteria and viruses to students. It will help them to understand the chapter with more clarity in understanding.

So, the conventional chalk-talk method is long gone. Schools and educators must embrace advanced teaching strategies to pour relevant knowledge and skills into the students’ brains.

Here, we will discuss a few futuristic and advanced teaching methods educators must follow in this new normal.

Why Would You Consider Adopting Advanced Teaching Methods?

  • People’s uprising interest in the latest technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial intelligence, etc., has also molded the teaching practices.
  • Schools, colleges, and universities are embracing virtual classrooms, AI-driven study modules, Etc., to offer education of premium quality.
  • It is the time to break the shells of conventional learning, leave the age-old blackboard, chalk, and duster behind and plunge into Edtech-powered learning modules.
  • The advanced teaching strategieswill help teachers increase their students’ knowledge, motivating them to learn something relevant yet out-of-the-box.
  • The advanced training methods aid students boost their learning process and interacting with learning objects, peers, and teachers simultaneously.
  • Above all, the Ed-tech-driven teaching strategieshelp educators to share knowledge and information in a far better way.

Advanced Teaching Strategies To Hop On In this New Normal

Following are the game-changing advanced teaching strategies that every educator must follow to stay on track:


  • Visualization is an effective way to fill your students’ heads with knowledge.
  • Visualization is the ability to drag the mental images of the topics out of the words and texts into reality.
  • Visualization breathes life into the issues, encouraging students to connect with the subject’s elements.
  • In a classroom, teachers can use,
  • Photos, videos, audio clips
  • Diagrams, charts, and table
  • 3D maps, Etc.

To make students visualize the concept with clarity.

Learning With Collaborative And Cooperative Approach

Virtual learning and visualization have made teachers and students understand the value of the collaborative learning approach.

In fact, cooperation is a crucial part of advanced learning methods.

The collaborative learning approach allows,

  • Students to work on a task or project getting divided into small groups.
  • Students of varied learning abilities can come together and boost each other’s learning potentials.
  • The project or task can range from the quiz, writing stories, and solving question papers, to extracurricular activities.
  • Students learn how to handle responsibilities and meet the target in collaboration.
  • In addition, students also learn how to encourage and support their peers to achieve the end goal.

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Leveraging Technologies

When advanced technologies enter the classroom, things get effortless by nature.

As a matter of fact, Edtech implementation in classrooms is the most effective teaching strategy teachers must follow these days.

With each year passing, students’ fondness for technology is growing more and more.

When teachers leverage advanced technologies like AR and VR in classrooms, it changes the classroom environment in a second.

VR in the education market will hit 13,098.2 Million by 2026. (Globe News Wire)

  • The use of immersive technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Etc., in classroom lessons, effectively engages students, improving their participation in studies.
  • For example, if students get the pleasure of digging into AI-driven NCERT solutions for class 8 science, their interest in Science will double.
  • When students learn Scientific elements through 3D virtual simulations, it will enhance their learning experiences.
  • Classroom lectures will no longer seem boring. They will become fun and engaging.

Flipped Classroom

It is another popular teaching strategy that many students have found beneficial knowledge acquisition.

And when students find anything beneficial for their studies, educators must embrace it.

Rather than learning the concepts in class and revising them at home, students can practice at school and learn concepts at home.

It is the reverse setting of a traditional classroom.

  • First, teachers provide online video tutorials, audio tutorials, or printed study materials for the students.
  • Students can go through the video, audio, or text at home.
  • In the classroom, students can work on practice sheets the teacher offers to sharpen their knowledge.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, whether a concept from the class 8 science syllabus or class 11 maths, teachers never find it easy to make every class member understand with clarity.

The modern-day teaching strategies help teachers and students overcome the knowledge-sharing and learning barriers and grow skills further.

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