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8 underrated masterpiece Android games.

8 underrated masterpiece Android games.

Hello weebs! Are you a Gamer? Do you like trying new games? If your answer is yes then you have landed on the right article. In this article I will mention 8 underrated but masterpiece Android games that you should play right now. All these games are my favourite and approved by me so try them all and I bet none of these games is gonna disappoint you. So without wasting any time, 

Let’s begin….

  1. Wrestling empire

Size:- 110 MB

Category – Sports, action, simulation, open world

As the name suggests, wrestling empire is a wrestling game but don’t think it is like any other wrestling game. It is a game that I have been playing since its release and the best thing about this game is its regular updates that always introduce new things that never fail to surprise. If you are a wrestling fan then it has the best wrestling gameplay you will ever find. Its gameplay is even better than console games but even if you are not a fan of wrestling then you will become one after playing it. Apart from wrestling, there is a open world career mode where you starts your career by creating your very own wrestler and then roaming around the city. 

The game also has a booking mode which gives you a whole different experience. There is just so much special in this game. Throw bombs at your opponents or just throw them in front of a running train, play as referee or manager or just create your own team and dominate the roster. And that’s not all there is still lot more to do in the game so just try it. 


  1. WW polygon

WW polygon

Size – 58 MB

Category – FPS, action, Multiplayer 

World War Polygon is a first person shooter game and my personal favourite fps game. It may not have the best graphics but the gameplay is top class. The game offers Multiplayer mode and story mode and believe me, story mode is awesome. It has an amazing story which keeps you hooked all the time plus the level designs are very enjoyable. 

There is a huge variety of guns and grenades. Enemies have very great AI and the boss fights are very challenging. Destroy enemy tanks and planes and find enemies of your nation. There is so many other great things in the game that you should find on your own cause telling that would be a spoiler.

  1. Dan the Man

Dan the man

Size – 85 MB

Category – Action, 2D platformer, arcade 

If you are among those guys who think 2d platformers are boring then this game will change your mind. What makes this game amazing is action. Beating enemies in this game is just so much fun. There is just so many moves and combos you can use and if combos doesn’t satisfy you then shoot them with guns or rocket launchers. The game also offers different game modes and the story mode has 3 different stories. The game gets new updates regularly which brings new features and events. 

There are so many different type of enemies in the game that will surprise you every now and then. If you like tough challenges then this game will win your heart cause boss fights in this game are very challenging and unique. Undoubtedly this game is very amazing. Game is very well polished and while playing you will feel how much effort is put on its creation. But if you are still not interested to play this game then just try it once and I bet it you will fell in love with its combat system.

  1. Steel and flesh 2

Steel and flesh

Size – 270 MB

Category – Strategy, action, role playing 

Time to use you brain. Steel and flesh 2 is one of the best strategy game available in play store. It is a complex game that needs lot of brain power and there is a lot of things to do in game that you will find it difficult in the beginning so be sure to check few tutorials in the YouTube. Once you have learnt all basics then the real fun beings. It is marvelous game but just needs little patience in the beginning. 

Now you’d be wondering, what’s so special about this game? So keep reading. Game starts with choosing your name and name of your empire and then your character deployed to the 13th century and now you have to create an army and defeat other empires and capture their castle in order to grow your kingdom. You can start by trading to earn money and then go to a castle to buy soldiers and then start attacking others but it is not that easy as it sounds because your enemy castle is just as smart as you. There is just lot of challenges in the game. You should beware of other empires and keep your pocket filled. Maintain good relationships with other empires and if all that frustrates you then just join some other empire like Roman Empire or Delhi sultanate. The game has a realistic map of 13th century with real kings and lords which makes it even more interesting. But the best part about this game is the battlefield. Go check yourselves how amazing and grand battlefields are.

  1. Citampi stories

Citampi stories

Size – 98 MB

Category – life Simulation, Open world

Citampi stories is one of my all time favourite Android game. It is also a 2D game but that doesn’t mean it has less worth because it has a story that keeps you hooked all the time. The game is based on a fictional city named Citampi where our character came to earn money so that he could fulfill his parent’s debt. The game has so many things to do but the most important in the beginning is to find a job and earn money to clear your debt. One of the best part of the game is its characters, the game has over 20 characters and all of them are well created. All of them have a job, goals and back stories which make the game feel alive. 

Things you can do in the game are- farming, fishing, buying houses, developing relationships with all characters that helps to progress in the story, proposing one out of 9 female characters, dating, helping others, marrying, having kids, crafting and more. These are the things that I have only discovered till now which means there are lots of other things that I haven’t seen yet. If you are looking for a game that could keep you engaged for a long time then this game is perfect for you. 


  1. Rysen dwan

Rysen dwan

Size – 275

Category – sports, simulator 

Next game from our list is Rysen dwan, a Parkour game with amazing premise and graphics. In this game you’ll play as RYSEN, a live streamer who telecasts his parkour skills on the internet & makes a living from it. In this game you will get in-game followers who will react to your performance. It is the best Parkour game you can find on Play Store and with its fluid control you will enjoy every move. The game also allows a free mode where you can freely perform stunts and can even record it to use it in your videos. So if you are a content creator then this game will come in handy for you. 

The Game provides Next level Mobile graphics with comfortable on-screen controllers. You can even Listen to your favourite music using in-game music system. In this game you will get so many different and unique emotes and all NPCs react to your emotes. You can Dance & do simple parkour tricks using in-game emote system.  Get sponsors for your live streams to earn in-game money. You can run this game on 60FPS. This game also has a photo mode that saves you screenshots locally. It is a very fun game and I will definitely recommend you playing it so be sure to play this game.

  1. MHST The Adventure Begins

MHST the adventure begins

Size:- 3 GB

Category – Open world, RPG, monster taming 

Are you a fan of Pokemon? If yes then this is the game for you. Monster hunter stories is a monster taming game with two parts so you have two games both of about 3 gb. It is the closest game you can find to the latest Pokemon game, Arceus Legends. In this game you can tame different kinds of monsters and a beautiful 3d open world with a lot of mysteries and engaging storyline. You can fight alongside your monsters and even ride on them. 

If you are a fan of Pokemon or monster taming games then this game is for you. Catch monsters, find different kinds of eggs, explore dungeons and follow an interesting story. If this doesn’t excites you then just give it a try. 

  1. Frag


Size – 120 MB

Category – Action, Multiplayer, FPS & TPS 

Frag is an amazing multiplayer game with action packed features. It is a 5v5 fps/TPS game that you can play either alone offline or online with a huge active community. Frag offers 100 plus characters each with its own weapon and ability. Every character has its own style of playing and roles so use your head to create a perfect balanced team. The game offers you 4 different kinds of modes and new events, characters and features released every month. Frag offers a very fast paced action and every match has a lot of twists and turns. 

Battle against real players, collect all characters, create a strong team of 5, win battles to rank in leaderboard, take part in different types of events to win cards, then use those cards to upgrade your team. It is a totally amazing game and despite being a shooting game, it gives a fresher feeling. The best part about this game is its characters. There are so many types of characters and their abilities are very unique and awesome like for example “Lucha” who uses chainsaw as his weapon and his ability is poisonous fart. He is just one example out of 100 so be sure to check out the game to know them all


That’s it for today guys I hope you enjoyed reading. If you like this article then why don’t you check out my blog there you might find something even better. So thanks for reading.

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