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5 Reasons Why PHP is still so Important for Web Development

This article will give you the top 5 reasons why PHP is still so popular in web development field

The server-side scripting language PHP is around in the world for 25 years or above. Comparatively, it is one of the oldest languages in the tech field. While talking about the most popular languages, you might have definitely heard that PHP is dead. It is not totally true, yes it has slipped from its ranking positions in web development, But still, it has been used by 80% of all the websites on the web. Therefore, it is one of the most emerging technology.

PHP has been used by many big companies and websites like Facebook, and Whatsapp is using PHP for its robust functionalities. Even you can hire PHP developer for developing innovative applications.

Top 5 Reasons, Why PHP is important?

Although, there are different benefits of using PHP for web development, now let’s see a few reasons, why it is important for developing web applications.

It is an Open-Source Technology

Cost-effectiveness is the main factor for various developers to work. It helps the developers to get started at zero cost. It also provides free access to many of its frameworks like Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and many more. So that the developers can start quickly anytime at a low cost.

It is easy to learn and Use

One of the main reasons for choosing PHP is, it is comparatively simple to get started with. You can develop a single page using PHP in a short period of time, without having extensive knowledge of any web development technologies. The PHP syntax is simple and easy to learn, you can complete the task with shorter syntax

It is a versatile 

The major benefit of using it in web development is, that it is platform-independent. That means it’s applications are supported by any operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac os, etc. Even it is compatible with any of the browsers. It supports all the major web servers, which makes it easy to deploy on various platforms and servers at an affordable cost

It is well-connected with Databases

PHP is securely connected with all kinds of databases. This provides developers more freedom in choosing the best database, which is suited to their application needs.

It is tried and tested

PHP has been around in the tech world for many years. That’s why it is one of the oldest technology right now. The team of developers has put the PHP code to test in all kinds of real-life environments. Whatever bugs have been found are fixed and resolved, in order to make the language more stable. Now It is more stable and trusted by developers. Furthermore, many tools and frameworks have been introduced by it over time, which has made the development more secure, stable, and efficient.

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