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Many elements, such as climate, politics, or proximity to extended family, are subjective when determining where to establish permanent roots. 5 BEST PLACES TO LIVE

A low cost of living, availability of well-paying jobs, affordable housing, high-quality healthcare, and decent schools are other factors that are appealing to almost everyone. U.S. News & World Report gathered data on these vital factors for more than 100 US cities by U.S. News & World Report for its ranking of the greatest places to live in America for 2022.

To rank these large metro regions, U.S. News divided the data into five indexes for each city: employment market, value, quality of life, desirability, and net migration. The complete methodology of U.S. News is available here.

Below are scored on a 10-point scale for “value,” which combines annual household income and cost of living, and “quality of life,” which considers commute time, college preparation, and other aspects. Also included are the city’s population and average annual wage.

The winner was Huntsville, Alabama, with Colorado Springs not far behind.

Discover the top 50 places to live in America by continuing to read.

Peoria, Illinois 

Illinois’s Peoria skyline

Getty Images/Henryk Sadura

Families can easily live in Peoria’s suburbs, and young people can take advantage of brand-new recreation areas.

The city hosts events every weekend during the summer, and outdoor enthusiasts can use trails for biking, hiking, and hunting.

403,747 people.

$54,330 in annual pay on averagea

Life satisfaction: 6.6 (out of 10)

Index of value: 8.2

Charleston, South Carolina

Charlotte, NC

South Carolina’s Charleston. Shutterstock

Charleston’s quaint, elegant, and the historic atmosphere is a prime example of southern culture. As a local expert put it, “This low rural locality is not only filled with entertainment and wonderful food, but it is also stunning.”

Charleston’s tourism industry is flourishing and adding a lot of employment, particularly during the summer. Jobs in technology, sales, marketing, and advertising maintain the city’s economy year-round.

790,955 people.

$50,810 on average each year

Life satisfaction: 6.4

Fort Wayne, Indiana

  1. Wayne

Indiana’s Fort Wayne. Travis Eckert/Shutterstock

Fort Wayne, Indiana, a center of the Rust Belt, is currently experiencing a revitalization. Young people who want to migrate from the suburbs to the city are stimulating the local economy by bringing jobs from manufacturers like General Motors and BAE Systems.

“Fort Wayne, Indiana, is an ideal spot to buy a house, start a profession, begin a business, and raise children,” a local expert stated. “Its inexpensive cost of living and peaceful neighbourhoods.”

409,419 people.

Typical annual pay: $48,060

Life satisfaction: 6.4

Index of value: 8.4

Hartford, Connecticut 


New Haven, Connecticut. Photographer: Sean Pavone

Hartford, located in the Connecticut River Valley, historically hosted famous historical individuals, including Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Today, the city offers surrounding entertainment options, ski slopes, and state parks in addition to its historical attractions.


Aetna Inc., United Technologies Corp., and Hartford Hospital are located in Hartford, which has a thriving job market dominated by the aerospace, healthcare, and financial services sectors.

1,205,842 people.

Average yearly income: $65,750

Life satisfaction: 7.2

6.1 Value Index

Carolina’s Asheville, number

North Carolina’s Asheville

In North Carolina, Asheville. Shutterstock.com / MilesbeforeIdle

Unsurprisingly, Asheville, North Carolina, is a favorite mountain town for locals and visitors. Asheville, tucked between the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains, is a popular destination for people who enjoy the outdoors and music, art, and craft beer.

459,344 people.

$46,310 on an annual basis on average

Life satisfaction: 6.7

6.7 Value Index

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York’s skyline

Buffalo, New York’s skyline Getty Pictures

Only 20 miles from Niagara Falls, a popular tourist site, Buffalo offers a more intimate community. Buffalo residents can watch a match between two of their favorite professional sports teams or go skiing in the winter.

Nature lovers can enjoy the Allegheny National Forest and Letchworth State Park nearby, and art lovers can visit nearby cultural institutions.

1,129,018 people.

the average yearly wage of $53,300

Life-quality index: 6.8

Index of value: 7.8

Pensacola, Florida 


Florida’s Pensacola. Associated Press/Shutterstock

A 10-day fiesta, stunning beaches bordering the Gulf of Mexico, and excellent fishing spots may all be found in this diversified region. Pensacola scored highly for desirability and net migration, indicating that a growing number of people are considering relocating to this stunning region of the country.

496,278 people.

Typical annual pay: $45,170

Life satisfaction: 6.6

6.5 Value Index

Greenville, South Carolina

in South Carolina, Greenville

South Carolina’s Greenville. Flickr user Sean Pavone

Greenville, formerly a sleepy rural town, has recently experienced a cultural renaissance, with an inflow of new eateries and shops. The city’s relatively warm climate makes it easy to explore downtown on foot throughout the year, even if the summers can get rather hot.

As a result of G.E. and Michelin opening offices in Greenville, there has been an increase in manufacturing jobs, which has improved the local economy.

908,680 people.

the average yearly wage of $47,000

6.1 Quality of life

8.0 Value Index






Rochester, New York 

Rochester, New York skyline ,’s

Rochester, New York, from the air. Getty Images/Roland Shainidze Photography

In Rochester, history and modernity collide as the city works to maintain its history while renovating it downtown to appeal to outlying residents.

Rochester has sledding hills and ski slopes in the winter and access to Lake Ontario in the summer for boating and fishing 

1,071,784 people.

$54,550 in annual pay on average

Life satisfaction: 7.1

7.0 Value Index

Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio’s Cincinnati

Ohio’s Cincinnati. Cherubs/Shutterstock

The city of Cincinnati is passionate about its cuisine, sports, and culture. The Queen City of the Midwest has something for everyone, from a robust employment market to a packed social calendar featuring museums, baseball, and regional historical events.


Despite Cincinnati being one of the 30 largest metro areas in the U.S., housing costs are lower than the national average, which residents value.


2,214,265 people.


$53,650 in annual pay on average


Life satisfaction: 6.7


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