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15 Easy Ways To Achieve An English Cottage Style Decor

15 Easy Ways To Achieve An English Cottage Style Decor

English cottage-style decor is all the rage right now. Do you want to reside in an attractive English cottage? If so, you’re not alone! A lot of people love the English cottage style because it’s cozy and inviting. It might be difficult to acquire this appearance in your own home, but it is feasible. We’ll go through 15 easy ways to achieve an english cottage style decor in this blog article. Let’s get started!

English cottage decor is not only for country-side homes. You can also achieve this look in an urban setting. It is not only restricted to the exteriors of your house. You can carry English cottage style inside your home by using furniture, area rugs, wall color, patterns, decor items, etc.

1. Whimsy Floral Wallpaper

English cottages are known for their whimsical floral wallpapers. You don’t have to use wallpaper to get this look, but if you want to bring in some of that English cottage charm, using a floral pattern is a great way to do it. You can create an accent wall with floral wallpaper or use floral patterns on curtains, bedding, and furniture. The accent wall would look great if you have a fireplace in your home.

2. Fabric Curtains

Curtains are a great way to add English cottage style to your home. You can use light fabrics like cotton or linen in natural colors like whites, beiges, and light blues. You can also use floral prints or other patterns on the curtains. They will add some texture and visual interest to the room. Besides florals, you can use patterns like plaid, stripes, or checks.

3. Window Treatment

Window treatments are another way to add English cottage style to your home. Roller blinds are an amazing option because they are simple and elegant. You can get them in a variety of colors and patterns to match the curtains or other decor in the room. Roman shades are also a good option. They come in many different styles, fabrics, and colors. You can even get them with patterns like stripes or checks.

4. Place Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors can play a big role in English cottage-style decor. Place them strategically around the room to reflect light and add visual interest. You can also use them to make the room look larger. For example, place a mirror on the wall opposite a window. Mirrors help in English cottage-style decor because they reflect the simple and elegant look of the style.

5. Wall Color

Paint your walls a light cream or pale blue color to get that 15 easy ways to achieve an english cottage style decor. You can also use wallpaper with a traditional English pattern like floral or paisley designs. These simple yet elegant walls will give your home that cozy cottage feeling. You can add color to your simple walls with English cottage decor items like paintings, prints, or tapestries. When it comes to wall color, go for pale shades like Benjamin Moore’s “Wythe Blue” or Sherwin Williams’ “Extra White.” These colors will help you achieve that English cottage look and feel.

6. Add Planters For Greenery

Adding greenery to your English cottage-style decor is a great way to make the room feel cozier and inviting. You can do this by adding plants or flowers to the room or even by using planters. Planters are a great means to add color and texture to the room. Plus, they can help to hide unsightly areas or objects in the room.

7. Painted Furniture

Many English cottage homes have furniture that is painted in bright colors. You don’t have to stick to conventional English cottage colors like green and blue. You can paint your furniture any color you want to match your personal style. However, if you want to go with a more traditional English cottage look, you can use pale green, blue, or yellow.

8. Plaid Furniture And Accessories

A plaid armchair, throw blanket, or pillow is a great way to add some English cottage style to your home. Plaid is very popular in English cottage decor, so don’t be afraid to use it in your own home. You can also use plaid wallpaper or fabric to add some pattern to your walls or furniture.

9. Traditional Furniture Pieces

Traditional furniture is one of the simplest methods to achieve an English cottage style. This might include pieces like Windsor chairs, English roll-top desks, and pub tables. You can also use country-style quilts and afghans on your furniture to give it a cottage feel. Choose large wooden furniture pieces that have a natural finish to them.

10. Add Heirloom Items

Heirloom items are a great way to add some English cottage character to your home. You can find these items at antique stores or online auctions. Look for pieces that have a lot of detail and craftsmanship. English cottage decor is all about the details, so make sure you add some unique pieces to your home.

11. Area Rugs

Adding an area rug to your house is a fantastic method to bring in the 15 easy ways to achieve an english cottage style decor. You can choose a rug that has a traditional pattern or one that features English cottage colors like blue and green rugs. For extra warmth and comfort, consider adding a sheepskin rug to your hardwood floor.

12. Vases And Book Shelves

Display beautiful English cottage vases on your bookshelves or mantle. You can find these vases in a variety of styles, including urns, pitchers, and jars. Vases with flowers or plants in them are perfect for this style. You can also add some English cottage-style books to your shelves for extra decoration.

13. Decor Items

Add some English cottage decor items to your home for an instant makeover. Look for items like old-fashioned wall clocks, sconces, and candlesticks. These items can be found at most antique stores or online. You can even add some wall mirrors in English cottage style for a little extra light and reflection. In decorating an English cottage, you can make an art gallery wall with pictures, mirrors, plates, and other items.

14. Comfortable Items

English cottage decor is all about being comfortable and cozy. Add some soft blankets, pillows, and throws to your home to create that English cottage feels. You can also add a few English cottage-style pictures or prints to your walls for extra decoration.

15. Basketweave Patterns

Lastly, to achieve a perfect English cottage-style home, you should add some basketweave patterns. You can find these patterns in area rugs, wallpaper, or even throw pillows. Bringing in these textures and patterns will help to create that English cottage feels in your home.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to achieve an English cottage style in your home, there are 15 easy ways to achieve an english cottage style decor you can do. Start by adding some whimsy with floral wallpaper or fabric curtains. You can also add window treatments like valances and cornices for extra charm. Be sure to place mirrors wisely – they help reflect light and make a small space feel larger. Add plants for greenery (potted plants or flowers), and consider painting furniture and accessories in muted colors like pale pink, blue, green, or cream. For traditional touches, add furniture pieces like wingback chairs and settees, as well as plaid fabrics and accessories. Don’t forget the area rugs! They play a key role in anchoring the space and adding warmth. You can find good-quality rugs at stores like RugKnots or RugsUSA.com. English cottage style is all about layers, so feel free to mix and match different textures and patterns. A few key pieces will go a long way in creating this cozy look.

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