10 Reasons to Use a Security Guard Service in London

If you need to hire security guards for your next event, whether it be an art gallery opening or a fashion show, there are many reasons to consider hiring them from London’s leading security guard company. A security guard service in London can help ensure that your guests and employees are safe and that your property remains secure. Here are 10 reasons you should choose them over other security services


1) Information

The service: Sia security guard services in London will provide you with skilled guards who can protect your business. Your security officer has the experience and training specific to managing all types of workplace issues, including theft, health and safety violations, unruly customers, and disruptions. By using security services from Sia, your company is eligible for various tax credits and deductions that could help defray your costs.


2) Protection

It’s no secret that we live in an unsafe world. Security guard companies offer you peace of mind by providing protection at your event, workplace, or even at home. Just knowing that someone is there to keep watch over what matters most will make you feel more secure and safe. If you are interested in learning more about how security guard services can help, give us a call today!


3) 24-Hour Monitored Services

A security guard is also an ideal solution for businesses that have employees working late at night or are concerned about employee theft or tampering. When you use a security guard service, you’ll be provided with 24-hour monitored services. The perimeter of your building will also be constantly patrolled so you won’t have to worry about safety and theft.


4) Safety Guarantees

If you run a business, it’s likely that you have plenty of valuable merchandise or intellectual property that would be hard to replace if stolen. A security guard can serve as an effective deterrent for theft, even keeping out pickpockets with their presence alone. A competent security guard service can ensure your safety and peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring, ensuring that no one interferes with your business when closed up for the night. An added bonus?


5) Property Surveillance

Even if you hire security guards for your commercial property, it’s still important to take extra safety precautions. You may want to invest in surveillance cameras and other security measures that alert security guards when something happens or is about to happen. This way, they can get there as soon as possible and help stop any crime before it happens. If you own a home and have residential security needs, be sure to have your guard company install any additional systems that may protect your family while they are at home.


6) Asset Management

Asset management is one of those professional services that can make or break your security guard service. If you’re not managing your inventory, someone else will be, and they may not look out for you quite as much. Many businesses overlook asset management but we think it’s worth paying special attention to—because it’s essential for efficient business. Managing assets well helps ensure that you always have what you need when you need it, so your downtime (and financial losses) are as minimal as possible.


7) Exclusive Events

Depending on your security company, you can go to exclusive events that are held at sports arenas, movie premieres, and other popular venues. If you’re new to security work, going with an established firm will offer you more job opportunities and chances for advancement because there is little turnover in these positions. For example, if you’re hired by SIA Security Guard services (SIA stands for Security Industry Authority), you can expect big things in terms of advancement as long as your performance is outstanding.


8) Outdoor Events

Do you have an event that will draw people from far and wide? If so, you’ll likely need some extra security. When large crowds of people gather, it can be difficult for even police officers to keep everything running smoothly. That’s where a private security guard service comes into play. A trained guard can react quickly if anything out of the ordinary occurs.


9) Nightly Services

If you have lots of important valuables and sensitive information, it is a good idea for you to hire on-site security guards. Many companies offer nightly security guard services, so you’re sure to find one that will work for your company and needs. Don’t take any chances when it comes to protecting what matters most—hire an on-site nighttime security guard service from Sia Security Guard Service UK now.


10) Facilities Management

Having one professional take care of everything from guest services to kitchen staff, facilities management firms make sure you have a robust operation. While it might not be your primary concern, there are many things that can fall through the cracks at an event, and that’s where security guard service comes into play. To make sure you keep everything running smoothly, check out the top Event Planning Agencies near you and select Sia Security Guard Agency London. If things start getting overwhelming or if certain resources fall short of expectations, don’t hesitate to call on help from an outside team with event planning skillsets tailored to your needs! They’ll help tailor staffing and staffing plans based on factors like occupancy loads and overall venue capacity levels – so all your bases are covered.

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